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Baby's Travelling Experiences :: Mummylicious Hates Packing

Mummylicious hates packing when she was single. Mummylicious  hates packing when she is married. Needless to say, Mummylicious still hates packing now that she have a baby. One post i can never do is "How to pack for Mummy and Baby when on vacation". I can give tips on "How NOT to pack" because based on experience...I am VERY good at that. 
So here I am, procrastinating packing to go back to Daddylicious's hometown. Instead of packing, lets do a blog post about "Baby PP's travelling experiences"! 

First packing experience for travelling with a baby was chaotic. I didn't what to bring or what not to bring! I was intent to bring her whole closet...."Just in case" was...IS my mantra. Daddylicious constant reminder than we were going for a week did NOT help.

Play spot the baby! 
The clothes on the bed was for Baby PP supply for a week.

In my defense, it's the first packing trip that involved a wedding AND a beach vacation. Combine all that, i went crazy with "JUST IN CASE!" 

14 pajamas...just in case. 20 rompers...just in case. 10 dresses...just in case. Everything was in double extras..just in case...

Baby PP have travelled....a lot in her first year. The "Just in case" never failed
Travelling No.1 (24-26 December 2009)
Baby PP's Age: 2 months and 1 week old :: SIL's WEDDING
From KL to Kulim, Kedah a 5 hours driving trip for my SIL's wedding.

Baby PP first road trip! 5 hours in a car with Mummylicious in the back seat.

To a wedding she went! 

Travelling No. 2 (26-29 December 2009)
Baby PP's Age: 2 months and 1 week old :: LANGKAWI POST WEDDING TRIP
From Kulim, Kedah to Langkawi via FERRY! 

Kuala Kedah Ferry Terminal to Langkawi

"First ride on a ferry! yayyy *while concerntrating hard on THE explosive poo"
Baby PP pooped on Daddylicious seconds after this photo was taken. Packing JUST IN CASE was very justified. Daddylicious was lucky he had an extra tshirt as it was AN EXPLOSIVE POOOOO!

"Stop looking at me! I poo! I'm a baby!"
Post Pooping. First time on a FERRY! 

First sand between her toes experience in Langkawi! 

 First dip in the sea! My water baby enjoyed it very well

No baby car seat with rented cars in Langkawi
Oh well. At least I sat at the backseat

Travelling No.3 (11-14 January 2010)
Baby PP's Age: 3 Months Old :: PANGKOR LAUT RESORT
From KL to Lumut, a 3 hours driving. Then from Lumut to Pangkor Laut Resort via a 30 mins SPEEDBOAT ride!

Protected by Daddylicious through out the speedboat ride

Lucky baby experiencing Pangkor Laut Resort and she knows it!

Just chilling in her resort wear

 "Mummy and I"

Setting her feet on Pangkor Laut Resort's exclusive private beach

"Ahh this is life"

"Mummy using me as a shield to cover her 3 months post pregnancy tummy"

Time to head into the waters...these water are private!

Milestone achieved at 3 Months and at PLR :: First time Thumb Sucking!!!

Travelling No.4 (11-15 February 2010) 
Baby PP's Age: 4 Months old :: PATONG, PHUKET -
First time on an aeroplane. She took it like a pro. No fuss, no nothing.

Passport photo when Baby PP was 3 months and a week old. 
She looked so different

*Heart to fly*
Properly attired for her first plane ride! Weee

 With appropriate butt

Group photo at Patong. See stroller leg to represent Baby PP

Enjoying the sunset and people watching at Patong beach, Phuket

 ...Yup this was her 3rd beach holiday. 

Patong beach sands between Baby PP and Mummylicous's toes

"I'm on a boat? FOR THE WHOLE DAY?!"
On a whole day snorkelling boat trip. No seasickness but definite landsickness after we got back. cue *baby vomits

 Chilling on the boat side deck. A sling...a must-have

On a very crowded and teeny little boat
Don't ask how we got on!


Small boat was worth it to get to this paradise

A ride on a tuk-tuk!

Proof of Patong trip :P
A must ye?

On the return trip, she got her own seat! Weee

Travelling No.5 -(7-15 Sept 2010)
Baby PP's Age :: 10 Months and 3 weeks :: EID CELEBRATIONS IN KELANTAN
KL to Kelantan via aeroplane and an 8 hours drive back from Kelantan to KL. Give me strength. 

Baby PP have been in long drives, on ferries, on speedboats, on whole day boat ride, on a plane and even ridden in a tuk-tuk and a riggedy small fisherman's boat ! All within the first year of her life. Tomorrow it will be her 2nd time on a plane and another long drive home from Kelantan to KL for the return trip. I should make a travel post with babies. But right now i am too concerned about packing for tomorrow.

As you can see, i should have gotten packing with a baby down pat based on the experience. But nooooo....i foresee another clothes tsunami after this post.

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