Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby is Mummylicious Little Model

I've always love these crochet hats. Practical? Maybe not but it does help with making Baby PP look like a girl once in awhile :)

So i got half a dozen of these hats to sell on my Yummylicious Baby blogshop (yaaaahh a little publicity for meself! :P ) and Baby PP decided that she will help Mummy out and model one. 

Tadah the final picture that I decided was good enough for public viewing. Ain't she adorable? (i know i am biased but which parent isnt? ) 

Unfortunately, this is the only hat she is interested in modelling..the rest. Hah! it didn't last a second on her. So maybe i should get this for her? we shall see if no one buys this, then it is hers!

If you are interested in purchasing this hat for your little angel or other baby and toddler clothes, do drop by me humble shop at

Here are other photos of Baby PP modelling the crochet hats. Might as well put them up because it took a lot of energy to take these photos! AAAAARGHH taking photo of a crawling baby is the best exercise ever! 

Plus, using 50mm 1:4 lenses with a crawling baby moving back and forth and sideways made mummy moving every second to get the right focus and framing.  Not the easiest lense to use with an overactive baby. 

Eh..and yah she is crawling now. I missed to post that milestone...but I WILL!!! 


 My little cheeky baby girl

 "Mummy, I am tired. I'm just gonna lie down near you....must you still take my photo? Im not gonna smile okay..this is my ANTM's "editorial look" pose"
 Back to work baby!
Earning her paycheck

So busy crawling and looking for a spot to pose until we have a missing sock situation

 A little drool with a little smile

"Ahh finally time to rest and eat my missing sock and Tiyah's hair"
Post photoshoot

 Post photoshoot. Must review photos with PA

 Playing Peek-a-Boo with Tiyah the Baby PP-smile maker while Mummy tunggang terbalik (tumbling all over) taking photos of Baby PP. Its not easy taking photo of a crawling baby!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby and her cries

"No paparazzi please"

Totally random post while waiting for sahur. 

My family (and myself) makes fun of Baby PP cries all the time. Yes, we are that mean. But when strangers makes fun of her public cries...that is when i kinda begin to think...her cries are rather special. 

Most babies cry "Waaaaaaa waaaaaaa" or something like that lah.
But not Baby PP. Not when she wants milk..or just want attention

We were at Curve last weekend for breaking of iftar. Baby PP was hungry and all the way to the nursing room she was crying past the throngs of parents and other babies on the baby and children inflirated floor.

Baby PP: " Adeeeeeey! Adeeey!!! Adeeey!!"
Mummylicious: "Yes Adeey Adey, just a bit further"
Other parents: "alaaahai..."adeeeey adeeey" dia nangis" while smiling and laughing
Baby PP: " Adeeeey!!! Adeeey!!" oblivious to people laughing at her.
Mummylicious just hoped there was a spare nursing room

How does your baby cries? "Uwaa waaa" doesn't cut it anymore for modern babies?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mummylicious takes on one current issue

I don't usually like to blog about political and/or current issues but sometimes, some stories remain unchanged and too distressing not to write about. 

Anyone who merely glance at the news topic would know that Malaysia's top moral issue now is abandoned babies. Previously, as a single woman, it was disturbing but now as a mother, it has become heartbreaking. For every child that died while abandoned, a pin get stabbed into my heart. In my mind, that child could have been Baby PP. That child could be mine. That innocent child could have smiled like Baby PP is smiling now. Could have laughed like she is now. But that child could never smile or laugh. Because humanity deserted his or her parents and left her to die. 

Recently Malaysian Cabinet has agreed to a proposal to investigate and charge those who abandoned their baby which resulted to their death as murder. 

In my opinion. It is murder. And please proceed dear government.

That is not what pissed me off and made me want to write about this. What evoked me was certain parties reaction to it as reported by Malaysian dailies. 
“If we do not help them and resort to punishing them, then we are treating women who abandoned their babies as criminals,” said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.
I think Dr Chua is confusing two totally different issues.
1. unwanted pregnancies
2. leaving a child to its death

And then the statement from Shelter Home executive director James Nayagam
 “It’s difficult to prove murder. We have to prove that there is intent but when a foetus is aborted at three or four months, there is no chance for the baby to survive and hence, no killing is involved,” he said.

The mother might say that she left the baby to be picked up by people and not with the intent of killing the child, he said.

A woman might fear being charged with murder if she intends to abandon her baby and might instead resort to illegal abortion, said Nayagam.

There are so many wrongs in the statements

1. Treating women with unwanted pregnancy then abandon their babies as criminals.

Dr Chua. One...we are talking about death of innocents here. When death is the result of mothers abandoning innocent baby that most likely only breathe the air of the world in less than 24 hours, the mothers that allow that to happen and anyone involved are murderers. If death is not the result, they are merely without heart. does one help someone who have already abandoned they baby to death? how? its a different matter if the mother is still pregnant, extreme counseling and help should be offered, of course. lives can still be saved then.

2. Hard to prove intention of mothers when she abandons the baby

When one INTENDS to merely abandon her baby, does that not include in child endangerment? Does that not be included in accidental murder? Isnt that against the law too?

If I were to leave my baby at home alone with a bowl of baby food next to her for a day with INTEND to teach her to feed herself, is that okay? you can't proof it was done under "PARENTING"? Opps. sorry that she didn't eat the whole day because i really thought she would. 

Just like some so called human beings thought that by leaving a baby wrapped in a blanket in front of a shoplot when noone is around and hope by all hope that someone will find the baby before the insects, the dogs or some lunatic who thinks nothing about causing harm to the baby. The so called human being really thought someone would find the baby. regardless that the baby was left at the location for 7 hours alone without a soul in sight.

The proposal said "abandoned babies resulting in death, should be investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder." ...the key terms: resulting in death. 

When you intentionally puts a baby in the middle of the road hoping for cars to stop, that is attempted murder. Same goes for abandoned baby. but when death is the result for hoping against hope. that is murder.

3. Illegal abortions will increase with fear of being charged with murder

Illegal abortion is done not because one is afraid to be charged with murder. Illegal abortion is done because one is afraid to live up to the responsibilities of being with a child out or within wedlock. Illegal abortion is done because people are afraid of society scorn towards out of wedlock pregnancy. Illegal abortion is done because people are afraid that government hospitals and clinics with judge them and report them to the moral police. 

Again. Illegal abortion is about not about abandoning innocent perfectly born full term babies! Its a different issue.

But Mr Nayagam said one thing I agreed upon. Education is the key.

Educating the young that sex before wedlock is wrong is not sufficient. Lets admit it, the society is changing, and lets not push the religion factor in. Yes sex before wedlock is wrong yadayadayada. That have been drilled in our brain HUNDREDS of years through various religions! but does it stop people who are not married to do so? I think the various cases of child abandonment have answered that.

Our sex education should cover all the other basics such as having safe sex. Now before i get stoned for condoning this, i like to say knowledge does not stop acts being committed but neither does ignorance. At the very least, let the girls know their right in protecting themselves from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. If they are going to do it anyway, let them do it safely with condoms, the pills and knowledge of morning after pills. Those that could not refrain themselves from having out of wedlock sex should really be told that simply "having sex = baby = what are you going to do then?". Education of responsibilities should be in place.

Awareness of what to do in case of unwanted pregnancy before and after it occur should also be in place. They need to have a safe place they can turn to where they know no one will judge them or force them to inform their parents but instead to counsel them when they are in distressed. A safe haven. and a mere teacher will not do. Give them the list of choices available. What are the pros and cons of having an abortion? legal or illegal? do they know that when an abortion is done wrongly, death can be one of the consequences? or even the inability to be pregnant again when you actually want to be? does anyone inform the young ones about these? Surely with those information ready at hand without them panicking looking for them is a better solution to minimise illegal abortion than to NOT approve of this new law. With a safeguard for giving a child up for adoption and options such as no questions asked Baby Hatch, baby abandonment can be avoided. And hopefully, death of the innocents.

In my view, if the government does not approve such murder investigation and charge for baby abandonment that result to death, noone will claim responsibility, nothing will change. There will still be babies left in garbage area because their parents hope someone will find it in the midst of all the unwanted items, because that was what those babies are....unwanted. But for all the unwanted babies out there, i am sure with all my heart, someone would have wanted those babies and given them all the love they needed. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anniversary post

Somewhen last month during my-im-too-tired-to-blog stage, Mummylicious and Daddylicious celebrated our second year wedding anniversary. 

TWO years! 

I think there's a joke somewhere that if you are a guy, 2 years of marriage = 20 years of aging. But since I am a woman, i won't go there :P

Three years ago I wasnt even with Daddylicious. He was not...hmm as the "young ones" would say , my boyfriend. He was a very good friend that been with me through the heartaches and the toothaches and the happyaches since I knew him. Merely 3 years ago I would not imagine I would be married to him.A year, changed all that. we are celebrating our second year anniversary together and with a little naughty (then) 9 months old daughter, Baby PP. 

Who would have thought that? If someone said to me 5 years ago when I first got to know Daddylicious

"Mummylicious, in 5 years time, you will be married to him and have cheeky monster together"

I'd probably give that person my evil stare and said "you crazy.yucks". 

But God have a funny sense of humour. God said "I know you think he is everything you do not want your husband to be, but I have chosen him as your husband because he is what you need." And with one clear dream after 7 nights of prayers for guidance, I woke up knowing, with no more doubt about ruining our friendship, he is my match.

He was, he still is my best friend. Someone that i can be myself with and he still won't run away screaming. Someone who is my yin when i am all yang. Someone who i don't have to call "abaaaaaannnggg" and act like the docile wife that i am not. Someone who is a friend foremost and a husband second. my view, that works better.

So here are my anniversary promises to Daddylicious
I promise
There would be much more one-sided fights between us.  
There would be more nonsensical arguments from me.
There would be more challenges that we must overcome.
But I know, you know
There would also be more laughter over a cup of coffee
There would also be silly banters over my crappy Kelantanese attempts
There would also be a deeper understanding of the meaning of the love between us.

I also promise, with handbags every year, you have you budu supply

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mummylicious is not missing, just lazy

Why Mummylicious gone missing

1. Tried uploading gazillion videos of Baby PP crawling and I gave up hence, in frustration I just went "GAHHH!!!" to blogging
2. Backtracking takes time and effort. Lots of effort. Just thinking of all the effort required got me tired.
3. Baby PP started teething, crawling, standing up = lack of sleep, lack of energy, just wanted to be lazy
4. Started and finally finished playing Assassin Creed 2 on Xbox. (with an active baby around).
5. Got lazy
6. Started reading a book a day for weeks. 

But I'm back! and hopefully the gazillion videos and photos of Baby PP that have been collected for ermm MONTHS will be posted up soon.

and hopefully with me posting this one up, will encourage me to restart the blogging engine again because seriously, Baby PP have grown up so much and Mummylicious is being irresponsible by not keeping track of her very important milestones! bad mummy! baddd!