Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blognotes: Illustrations with watercolours

I have always love illustrations and artwork using watercolours. Be it in tactile or digital manner.

So one of things one must MUST do to reactivate an old, musty, outdated, neglected website or blog is to do a.....

And I had an idea in my head on what to do. And if you also follow me on Pinterest... (follow me lah! Hehe) you can guess in which direction I am heading too.

Pinterest is such a good tool to collect ideas and to bookmark sites for use in later stage. Perfect for blogging redo- the ideas stage!

As for the actual redesigning and revamping....Le sigh...

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BlogNotes: The Comment Section

As I restart my mummy blog to document my life again, I did what one has to do to begin; opened my Blogger on my laptop and view the comment sections for review and approval.

Mind you, I haven't check the comment sections for some time . Scream: Hiiiiiiiiatus!!!

Some were good, some were spam (why my comment section require approval in the first place),

Some were in disagree over my post, its not bad bad but let's call them bad for categorising sake, and then...

There were the uglies, where the disagreements are not just disagreements but are defensive retort over what have been written. I guess it can be taken as a personal attack towards whatever topic I believe in. Some were....basically insulting. Really, now? Srsly? yup, to those i gave them 'the mummy's look'.

Good, bad or ugly, all were never published.

As someone who prefer to be the peacemaker, see stories from both side of the arguments. Basically run away from any confrontations (yes, i realise i have kids......and a husband). Any bad or ugly comments were, are rather unsettling to me. But i will handle it. They will be posted and answered if required. 
but it's quite mind boggling to think how people can be easily offended by one person's view.'s just this petite unknown woman in a huge blogasphere honest, simple opinion and thoughts.

Let me make this clear. Anything that been said on this blog is not to insult anyone. This is my blog with my perspective on things. I write from the heart and try to make it as simple as possible to be read and understood. Not to insult. Not to wage wars. Not to condemn any living or non living souls.
If you are in disagreement, or I require corrections (based on facts), I welcome them if they are written in a polite manner. I mean...duh! I can be wrong at times. I can accept that. But to insult me when I state my personal opinion? Riighttt.....whole different playground.

Especially when it comes to parenting.
There are no set of rules to follow, or maybe there are too many set of rules to use. So I may be wrong.... Or right. Who cares?! All that matter is that my girls would not grow up into a psychopath. I think I'd be happy with that.

Sigh. Blogging 101 all over again.

Cheercheer. I'll get to your comments.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Mummylicious Family Update

Obviously being on a hiatus for yeaaaarsss means a LOT have happened in between those years.

1. PP is now 5. She's 5! Time sure pass quickly.
2. PP have a sister...we call her Bambam in the social media world.
3. I had a major miscarriage.... which was one of the reason I felt I needed to restart my blogging.
4. Lots of birthday parties were planned
5. Lots of DIY project were made
6. LOTS of travelling were done with and without the children.

So, do I have new contents to make me go crazy and procrastinate blogging from the sheer amount of things to share? Sure do! .......

He...He. ..He. ...

Now how do I add pics to this post via Blogger app on android. Oppss. ..never mind,  got it

Testing out Bloggeroid on an Android

We are constantly on the phone. I may not blog as much, but I constantly update my instagram @xdaliv and my Facebook statuses quite a bit. (Told ya I'm still aliveeee).

So it seems like a natural move that in order to restarting a dead/ dormant blog is to find ways to be able to blog on the move. Or in the case of Malaysians....when you're stuck in traffic (as a passenger!) With nothing to do but stare at your neighbouring car driver digging their nose.

For Blogspot users, for now I've only found 2 apps.

1. Blogger
Th official app for Bloggers all around.

2. Bloggeroid
Which I am testing out now.

Which is better...Too early to say. Will update in that as the process to re kicking my butt. blog is too soon. Like. Erm 5 mins ago. Or less.

●**Labels**: can't find how to add tag/labels on Bloggeroid. Used Blogger to add tag/label on a post written in Bloggeroid. Norm or brain lag? 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mummylicious Revival

I am not dead. My blog been dead but not I. I'm alive!!!!

It has been 4 years since my last post. Wah!! 4 years! Suffice to say, a LOT have happened in 4 years. 

I can give you my excuses. But even I'm not interested in my own excuses anymore. Hehehe so I won't dwell in that.
I just need to revive, perform CPR in this old friend and get cracking! 

So there's a lot of catching up to do eh?

Before I can go into that. This blog needs a facelift. Sigh everyone needs a facelift after 4 years. Why not a blog? And to prevent me going on a looong hiatus again just for a facelift! The facelift must, MUST be documented! *note to self. Document facelift process. 

All u can say now is....hello again. I'm back :)


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