Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Must-Do-Often: Clearing up handbags day

Confession: My handbags weights a tonne. I don't know why....I mean...I don't carry rocks or the kitchen sink in there. Ok....maybe sometimes I have random things in there like the end of a curtain rod part or random kids toys or some office stuff like a stapler.....

Fine, I have a problem. Don't judge! But one thing I do like to do is clear up my handbag before rotating to a different handbag to be used for the entire week or month. Still weights a tonne after clearing and reorganising (le sigh) but hey, at least I try.

So on the day before PP's Henoch-Schonlein Purpura drama (which can be read HERE), I made it my mission of the day to clear out ALL bags. In all honesty, I thought it would be a couple of bags I was using for the month for daily use and also for quick trip for mamak/ grocery use. Turns out, there were 5 bags to clear out! I forgot to clear out some other bags I have kept away in the "cleared bags" area.

Two bag organisers (useful yet not really), 
five bags on rotation and in storage full of stuff still (aiyak!) and 
one work bag which is full of documents for work at home days (not emptied)

Shock! horror! horror! arggh! I hope there are no melted chocolates in there! 

(There wasn't. Phew. But it happened before.....i blame the kids. Always blame the kids for old forgotten chocolates in handbags)

So what was in my handbags

Lot and lots of receipts for work claims and for personal references. Ergh. 

Random stuff and essentials which included brouchures, empty angpows for when you need to give angpows, chequebook bag, office keys, random keychains with no attached keys, cellotape, a highlighter, Sharpies and that many pens (really??!!), a notebook, A SOCK!, extra hijab inner, Monopoly Deal for friends night, a padlock?, SALT AND PEPPER!, candies...lots of candies and biscuits. I blame the kids for the candies.
Hands in head.

For someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup...I sure carry a lot of them. 
But then again, one cannot be to sure when you NEED to wear them.
But somehow I doubt I need 6 perfumes, 3 types of lipsticks and 3 powders?
Again...carrying these everyday.

Bunch of costume jewelry and hijab pins. Again... I hate pins but I all of these in my bags?
Found a bunch of my girls hairpins that they want to wear / take off at random times while we are out and about. And I kept broken bracelets  and necklaces in the bags? Did I plan to repair them on the move or something? Kinda explains why my bags weights a tonne.

More essentials, two wallets...one in use, other is just empty. vouchers to be used, two coin bags!,
card wallets, sunnies, external phone charger, mine and kids medical cards and....tickets for Hi5 concert for this upcoming December. Yup, I was just carrying them around in my bag. Everyday...everywhere.

I know, it is ridiculous. I need help.

With that...my laptop was on this page.

Berjaya atau tidak to maintain my handbag in an organised manner....
check back in a month. Obviously, organising my handbags is not my forte...ever.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Family Movie Night: Big Hero 6

via Disney.com.my
We just came home from watching Big Hero 6 at the cinema....and I was really excited to watch this with the girls, and after 102 minutes, I kinda have mixed feelings towards Big Hero 6.

The girls were so excited while waiting for the hall to open. Thank God it's a neighbourhood cinema, so they can run all the want without getting lost in the crowd.  That's it girls, run now, sleep later. muahahaha
Gotta have a pic with Baymax. Family movie night attire: PJs and sweaters for the cold cinema.

Half the excitement from watching a movie at the cinema compared to at home is watching the new movie trailers coming out. I know, I know, I can watch trailers on YouTube but it's just different you know. So imagine my annoyance when we were early (for once!) to the cinema, and the trailers were already playing by the time we get to the cinema hall. .... and it was of the Madagascar's Penguins. *sad face. Bad start here.

So excited, I was taking photos of billboards on the way home from work
*as a passenger.
Fine. Let's just enjoy the movie then. Like all cartoons nowadays, Big Hero 6 hits it big for kids AND adults. But I personally feel adults and older kids have a better understanding on the humour presented in this movie. Baymax, the robot certainly is lovable and cute, especially before he got armours. But the movie itself...lacks the personality to engage. I want to love it, but I just feel... meh. So much meh on the end half of the movie (...except for Fred. Fred makes me laugh. I want to have a friend like Fred. Be my Fred!)

Visually though, stunning. No dissapointments there.
via Disney.com.my
It felt quite draggy at times. Was that just me? Maybe it needed musical numbers like FROZEN! hehe but honestly...though as a mother of two girls, having Frozen on a loop on the Tv is the norm but I think I would prefer it than having Big Hero 6 on a loop. 

So should you bring your kids to see Big Hero 6?

My girls in their PJs for Big Hero 6 movie night.
PP willing to pose, Bambam....not so much. Busy watching the movie already
If your kid, regardless of gender, like action cartoons. Maybe they would enjoy the movie. 
Especially if you are parents to boys it would a different matter coz this movie have lots of actions! fights! karate chops! LASERS! 

The two female role models for the girls; Honey Lemon and Go Go Tomago
via Disney.com.my

It is also good for little girls to see bad a** female scientists/engineers/nerds as heros.

My kids, clearly got doesn't care enough about the movie and fell asleep halfway...just after Baymax started wearing an armour because he became not-so-cute anymore. 

Not so cute Baymax with armour on.
via Disney.com.my
....aaaaaaand personally i think because there were not enough sparkles and glitters. My girls are princesses. I have to deal with that.
They did like the fist bump scenes in the movie though..maybe because I do fist bumps with them. I foresee an evolution to our fist bumping!!!

Other than that, you have to consider one big factor about the movie.
It can be depressing and dark especially for younger kids. As I said...not enough sparkles and glitters. Lots of tears. sad sad moments.


In Frozen, we see Anna and Elsa's parents being lost at sea, as a big wave crashes on top of their ship.... *sniff sniff I still get teary eyes when I watch that scene over and over again*.

Big Hero 6 is not just about a cute huggable marshmallow looking robot, it also deals with a lot of issues of loss and death. Like, a lot. 
First, PP was asking about Hiro's parents. She asked if Hiro's brother is the dad, and when I said thats the brother, she asked again, where are the parents? What happened to them? Why did they die? Why do they live with their aunt? Then....

....Hiro's big brother died.  The questions came again. What happened to the brother? Why did he die? Why did he have to die? Why is fire dangerous? Did the fire kill him? Is he really dead? Why is he dead? ....... Yes. LOTS of questions which i had to answer as quietly and as short as possible, in the cinema. WHILE the movie was playing....DURING the sad scenes. Mummy is trying to get emotional here, you're a buzz killer PP with your loaded questions on death. :P

If PP was awake the other half of the movie, she would have asked a LOT more about loss and death...because there were more sad sad sad scenes. and kinda violent scene.

So when bringing your kids to watch this movie, have a game plan on how to answers all this beforehand. Or you would be wishing you could have just waited for the DVD to come out instead. 

Still love Fred though.
via Disney.com.my 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Simple Ikea Ribba Hack for Lace Souvenir

Not so long ago, the Daddy and I sans little ones went on a short trip to Europe. One of the stop was a day-trip to Bruges aka Brugge, Belgium. In all my recent travels, I would try to bring home an affordable artwork made by a local artist. However, when we were in Brugge, I can't find any artist selling their wares by the street. Well there was one...but I was not loving his pieces. But guess what Brugge is famous for? Yes yes...Waffles...and also LACE! 

In an effort not to make my home into rumah makcik-makcik (old lady home) (my mom will kill me here....), I just wanted a modern looking lace that would represent Brugge on our future travel painting wall. And....I found EXACTLY what I wanted. 

Back home...it took me months to do it but finally I went to IKEA (of course) for a frame. Came home with more than one frame (of course) and took a couple more weeks before actually doing anything to the frame or lace (of course). Which meant a trip to the hardware store to look for ONE colour but ended up contributing around 6 more cans to my spray paint library even more. Whyyyy am I so weak?! Gah gah gah. 

Most DIY freaks like me would spray paint the actual frame and use fabric / coloured paper / felt for the background. I like to make life difficult (of course), so I chose to SPRAY PAINT THE INSIDE of the frame instead. 

In hindsight...it also gave me a chance to try out yellow spray paints. Why yellow? I felt like it represented Brugge to me....and I never spray painted anything yellow before. Yes, I am giving excuses for my spray painting addiction. 

Let's begin....


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kim K and her Special Hermes Kelly

via Instagram

Poor moms have expensive handbags under lock and keys so it can be protected from the little monsters, I mean...little kids grimy hands and ever so easily found permanent markers and/or crayons.

Rich moms hands over their super duper expensive handbags to their toddler for a custom designed bag.

I am not a rich mom....but only if my child is super talented, then maybe...maybe then I'll hand over one of my white bags for them to draw on as they please.

Oh I don't have any white handbags. Oh it's okay...If I were a rich mom, I would buy a super duper expensive white handbag just for my kids to draw on.

Ok you know what...maybe not. Kids buy their own handbags if you want to scribble on it yeah? don't touch mummy's. 

Ps.btw.fyi: not judging Kim K in anyway. I think her North designed Hermes Kelly is kinda cute. Excessive display of motherly  love right there. Does Victoria Beckham have a Hermes doodled by Harper? I wonder......

Friday, November 07, 2014

How to make GOLD fonts on Photoshop

As some of you may realise, Mummylicious Diary have a new header. (YAY, ME!). It is part of the revamping of the blog and not the final look, but it is a start eh? 

And some of you may want to do this too, why not share the how-tos on how I redesign my header in a couple of minutes. It is super easy even for a photoshop newbie. Heck, this tutorial is meant for newbies. or someone needing a refresher. This blog post took much longer than the header itself.

So with just a few steps, you too can have images with tinges of metallics (until metallic goes out of fashion again).