Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vintage Chanel handbags

I have a weakness for authentic vintage handbags. Not that i buy them, but i just love to look at them. Sigh, if i had a black coloured credit card, i would so borong *clear-out any vintage shops. But i dont, so i save up my money to get new handbags first before i go vintage. 

I know, i know, if i already love vintage...which MIGHT be cheaper than brand new, why do i still have to get brand new? This is because i want the basic classic pieces to have only 1 ME. Once i get those classic pieces i have been eyeing...then i shall look at the vintage for the same brand that might still cost an arm and a leg.

My logic may be weird but at the moment, that is how i am rolling.

Plus, it is really hard to find really nice vintage handbags here in Malaysia. But there is one shop that I window shop at all the time at the comfort of my own bed. 

I have been looking at this cute vintage Chanel with tassels. I forgot the price for it...but I have been checking the website just to look at it every week. each time saying..."if only i have not bought the 2.55 this year". is gone! SOMEONE HAVE BOUGHT THE CUTE TASSELLED VINTAGE CHANEL! that person, "good buy mate...very good buy."

So from now on, my new vintage handbag browsing include these...

Vintage Chanel Briefcase 
for RM 6700..(
I swear, if i was still working where i was working around the Golden Triangle..i would so buy this. Love! 

Vintage Chanel Dark Blue Lambskin Flapbag
for....drumrooolllll.....RM3500!!! not bad not bad..
What is stopping me? Will-power. ...
My weakening will power everytime i look at it, that is. and the scruffmarks on the edges are bothering me. So using my very weak i-shall-not-buy-any-more-handbags mantra. If it still available everytime i browse glampot...maybe i will drop by its shop to look at it, touch it...stroke it...before i decide. RM 3500 is not bad at all.

Btw...for those ladies that are looking for 2.55 at a slightly lower cost...or VERY lower cost (if you are lucky) Check often. Getting them here is better then not having them at all..and its WAYYYY better than getting Gred AAA Chanel. Trust me. Dont go there please.

Now...let me just stare at those pre-owned Birkins and Kellys that were mostly bought but never worn. (Stupid ladies)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pancakes anyone?

I love pancakes. I love making pancakes. When Baby PP gets bigger, i will make pancakes for her...
But i will never be able to make pancakes like this Daddy! What a dedicated Daddy.

Amazing right? I wish i can make these type of pancakes...but highly doubt it. 

Apparently Jim makes pancake to make his daughter sweet and uses natural colouring like cocoa powder for brown batter, strawberry jelly for pink and old tumeric for yellow. No worries of using too much artificial colouring now.

So now i shall go back wasting time, not party planning or anything...just looking at pancakes.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby PP

Pejam celik pejam celik*In a blink of an eye. Baby PP has turned one. 

There are no words to express how happy I am that she is in my life. How priorities in my life have changed just because she is here with me.

Alhamdullilah, thank the Lord for her safe delivery one year ago today and for letting me see her when she took her first breathe and her first look at the world, her first tears and laughter, her first coo and shout, her first crawling steps and standing up. Please give me the chance to share with her, her many other firsts in this life. 

Dearest Baby PP, Mummy and Daddy love you very much. Even with all the "No No No" and the "Naughty naughty girl", we love you. 

Now...back to her birthday party planning! and...tracking back for Raya events. Its really hard! gah~

Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally Eid Photos!

There were so many stories to tell about Eid with Baby PP. There's the story about her and the lost lambs and the story of her and cats. and the escaping maggosteen!

I  promise i will post about those...(once i figure out how to settle my video issues with youtube) among others. but for now, a post filled with the general happenings for the first couple of days of Eid. 

*Most of the photos were taken with Canon 40D 50mm 1:4 lense. It was a special celebration so the big guns came out

Baby PP woke up to find Mummylicious went for Eid morning prayers. 
Mummylicious came home to find her smiling at me while being bathe by her Aunty Wawa
and then wearing her diamond necklace she got from her 'Fairy-Godmothers'

Baju kurung for the day made specially by Daddylicious's mom, my MIL, Baby PP's grandmother, Tok Mi. Shoes to match Mummy's!

She got her first ang pow while having her breakfast! She was really curious on its content and the ang pow itself. ....except when Daddylicious gave one to her...but when Uncle Adri came and gave her the big money...she gladly took it! maybe because it was without the angpow package. hmmmm...

Official family photoshoot.
We really really tried everything to make her smile.

Then we resorted to just take photos like these.

 Milestone alert!
Baby PP at 11 months old finally learn how to move her legs to 'walk'.

Time to ask for forgiveness.
Baby PP does not want to shake anyones hands.
Only recently she is willing....if Mummy does it first :)

 Then we let her loose and she happilly played with herself and the main door's grille.

 My little baby's antics during raya. 
From 'praying', sleeping at once after 2 minutes car drive, 
going through everyones handbags, 
eating mangosteen and of course...
raya cookies sessions. She does love her bread and cookies!

Why i don't have any beadings on my new baju kurung. 
See what she is doing with one of my pre-pregnancy baju that i manage to fit into!
(just wanted to say that! muahaha)

 Tutu crazy during the second day. 

With the Kelantan clan.

What happen when Mummy get bored waiting for people for photoshoot? this happen...

Baby PP with her great-grandparents and grandparents from Daddylicious side

With the Great-Grandmother, Tok Mek and her aunties. Yup..including those little girls. Aunties.

Mummylicious and Daddylicious private photoshoot. 
Pretending we are single mingle la konon

Mummylicious and Daddylicious love our beloved Baby PP

Phew! That is finally done!
Weheeehehe can now focus on the birthday party planning posts

The Night Before Syawal

Still backtracking throughout Syawal-slash-Eid

The Night Before 1 Syawal. 

As some of you are aware, i was busy busy making baju kurung for YummyliciousBaby
So hence, the seamstress and all her helpers...including me had to seam our own baju kurung couple of nights before Syawal
And of course Baby PP was there to supervise our work. Must be up to par to her standard!

Baby PP witnessing her first official Eid announcement!

 And then wanted to join in the Eid prayer after the announcement

....Still around..looked for Daddylicious

....Looked for Mummy and found Mummy.

Lighting pelita was eventful when Baby PP kept trying to touch the flame 
and when a bug...dunno what bug...went into my kaftan. 

Then there was the fireworks!  
Let me tell you, 
Baby PP was unperturbed at all by the loud bangs when the 100-das firework went off! 
Thats my little girl!

Finally it was off to bed. But not before messing up Mummylicious's handbag and wallet....
Looking for duit raya?

Next up. the actual day of Syawal and etc
Look....i did not take more than a thousand photos and not putting them up!
If you dont like them photos...i suggest you go away. Pfftt..

Flashback to Eid 2009

I know Eid is like, over but seriously? Did you think i would not be posting photos and reminiscence about bygones Eid? Soooo not gonna happen! So here is the start of backtracking through out Syawal. 

Ps: There was are very good reasons to why i am late with these photos. 

1. Somehow Baby PP managed to delete...YES delete photos from one of the camera. It was already transfered to my laptop that i brought back and yet she deleted them while smacking random things on the laptop...but get was NOT IN THE TRASH! Gah.....thankfully Daddylicious managed to recovered them all...albeit it took some time and looking for free recovering system.

2. Then my laptop refuses to acknowledged the recovered and transfered photos to be uploaded. Harumpph! But...moving on! 

Eid 2008
We celebrated as a married couple for the first time.
Just the two of us

Since my grandmother passive aggressively said "Makmak tutup kunci pintu je la raya ni, bukan sapa nak balik pun" (I will just lock the doors during Eid, there won't be anyone coming home anyway), we made a trip back to MY hometown Alor Star! before heading to Kelantan on the 3rd day :P

Eid 2009
It was our 2nd year Eid as a married couple. 
This time it was just the two and half of us. Half! in my huge tummy!

Since i was 8 months pregnant, a 5 hours trip back to Kelantan was out by flight and by car. OUT! Will not take that risk. So Daddylicious missed his turn to celebrate Eid in his hometown.

Eid 2010
Our 3rd year Eid as a married couple but who cares about that? Its Baby PP's FIRST EID.
Now there are 3 of us!

And Daddylicious FINALLY got to celebrate Eid in his hometown in Kelantan after missing it for 2
 years. So it was the whole family (*sob i have a family!) first time raya in Kelantan!

Do you want to see how pregnant i was last raya? These photos will showcase how BIG i was!

EId 2009 - VERY Pregnant Mummy at around 8 months pregnancy playing with firecrackers

Yup, still wanted to light the firecrackers...but then had trouble getting up!

Eid 2010 - 11 Months old Baby PP playing firecrackers with Mummy. much more subdue Mummylicious

Eid 2009 - There was only me for Daddylicious to give duit raya to

Eid 2010 - Extra little hands who wanted her angpow!

Ps: Eid 2011
There are no plans for 'Just 3 and half of us'. So stop asking :P

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Baby on a plane for the second time

Several days before Eid, Daddylicious drove back to his hometown Kelantan while Baby PP and Mummylicious took a flight back later on the same day.

Destination: Kota Bharu!

I was...a single mother with a crawling baby boarding a plane.

Yes, Baby PP was behaving at best as she could. No tears, no cries, just some whimper and really loud laughters filling up the very full flight. 

I had help with checking in at the automatic computer check-in kiosk by a KLIA employee. My seat neighbour helped me carrying down my oh so heavy diaper bag from the overhead stowage. 

BUT...i rather not do it again! 

First, even with all heavy items and bags were driven back. There were still items that were packed too late and baby necessities that I had to carry with me. I had...3 bags to hand carry with me. THREE!

1. The Food Bag- Snacks, biscuits, sippy cup. Very important to have to calm a fussy baby.
2. The Diaper Bag - Diapers etc with extra changeS of clothes for both Baby PP and Mummy, blanket and sweater in case in gets cold. and i also put in my laptop in there. Hence...heeaavyyy. 
3. My Very Oversized Handbag - where everything - Baby PP's Cow Giraffe, other toys, my jewelleries were all thrown in. 

Thank God for the sling! Also note Cow-Giraffe head poking out from the handbag

Second, the flight was delayed! OMG! 

Now try to contain a very active baby who wanted to crawl along an aeroplane aisle before take off. ...gah! 

Or from her trying to cross across my seat neighbour to get to his very adorable 4 years old son! trust Baby PP to be very interested in older men. 

Or from her trying to see the person seated behind you. Who was also a guy. and apprently playing a silent Peek-A-Boo with Baby PP... as were a bunch of other passangers along the aisle! (they just grinned sheepishly when i had a look to see what was Baby PP looking at?!)

Stay here PP! Stay between Mummy's legs.

Play with the camera while we pass time your Red Tiger. 

She stayed in this position for a full 3 minutes to look at the guy behind me. NOT moving. 
I really had to strongly hold her or she will topple onto the aisle!

Third, I had no one to talk to about an annoying person who boarded before us. 

As with any decent flights, families with children boards first. That night, a family with a stroller went first before all other families. And there were A LOT! Lots of kids and babies on that flight. Lots! But they went first. 

Let me just say. If you have to fold your stroller before you board the plane, please. PLEASE STEP ASIDE while you do so! Let others (the others with babies and kids behind you) walk in first. Why do you think its okay for you to fiddle fiddle with that stupid stroller while blocking everyone waiting to enter the plane. Just step aside. there is room and you can catch up with you family later in the plane. Sheesh...seriously.

Overall, I passed my first attempt at being a single mother on a plane. Just don't make me do it again. or on a longer than 1 hour flight!

First place I went after touch down. A real Kota Bharu experience
McDonalds! Hehehehe