Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mummylicious (kinda) Splurged: Chanel 2.55 Classic

First of all, the following post is not meant to show off. Just to record my extreme happiness. If you don't like it, please go away. like. shoo. now. shoo

Now with the disclaimer is done with.

You remember this posts?

Look what came in through my mailbox very VERY recently. That is Mummylicious's Email mailbox. 
What comes in a black box? With white ribbons and a Camelia on top of it?

My Classic Flap 2.55 Black Caviar Gold Hardware Jumbo Sized .... CHANEL!
Accompanying her is my friend's Classic Flap 2.55 Beige Caviar Gold Hardware Jumbo Sized...CHANEL! 
( I just had to state them like that)

Here it is. My precious.
Saying it again. My Classic Flap 2.55 Black Caviar Gold Hardware Jumbo Sized .... CHANEL!
I am such a black handbag person so this is a nice fit for me! Weee.

My friend's precious 2.55 Chanel in its natural beige tone
Though my ability to keep a light coloured bag clean is beyond my natural capabilities, a regular sized 2.55 in beige is my next aim. "Hello Mothership? Book satu please?"

Photos only lah. Now i have to wait for my friend to come home to hug and kiss this new baby of mine.
For now, I can only kiss my laptop screen and hope my love reaches her. See how i excited i am, that i edited the photos from my friend to eliminate any distracting background! *Huge Big GRIN*

Previously I stated that I was planning to buy this for myself with my dowry money. but then Daddylicious said that he had promised me this bag for our wedding...(he instead bought me a J12 instead...sigh) So ...Daddylicious said he will pay for the bag! ...before the prices goes up again. Thank you my sweetheart!!!!

So what should I buy with my dowry money instead? Hmm any thoughts? The dream of getting a Chanel at the mothership is still aliveeeeeeeeeeee!

Random other notes:: 

My sister and I observed a lady in Chanel KLCC wanting to purchase a bag. Totally normal. Totally fine. Until she received a phone call and it goes like this...

"Hello? Yah yah. I speak very good English, see I am popular ppl call me, lalala Im rich too apparent and I'm in CHAN-NEL"

Yup. She said Channel, like television channel-chan-nel in Chanel. IN CHANEL!

...and we burst out in laughter! right there and then.  She was not making a joke too! She didnt notice of course why we laughed but my mom was asking us "why? whats going on? why are you two laughing?" and since we were still near the Chan-nel lady, both of us kept saying "nothing ma, nothing...we tell you later".

Mispronunciation is common. but if you want to buy, uses, LURRVE designer items, at least know how to pronounce their names properly. 

Same things for people who claim to love "Lu-is Vit-ton".

As for why we were in Chanel KLCC for, you got to ask my sister that  and all i know...i can borrow it :) and a proper size comparison between our handbags can be done. 

Ps: Chanel is pronounced as "Sha-nell". Loius Vuitton is pronounced "Loo-wee Vee-tahng"

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby went to watch a movie for the first time!

Crazy busy that would be my summary. So crazy I have had no time to update as frequently as possible. But I must! I MUST! or every week would be like this...backtracking coz you must not NOT update milestone right? Milestones are important...that is why they are called milestone, an important stone. or not it will be called simply, a rock.

And the not rock but milestone event was

Baby PP, Mummylicious and Daddylicious went to watch a movie for the first time as a family unit! Yippee!

A very family friendly movie. 

"What are we watching Mummy? Hmmm looks interesting indeed"
"Mummy! I can't see! Why don't i get a 3D glasses too? See! I have to squint my eyes"

Now we went to watch this 2 weeks ago, so Baby PP was 8 Months and 2 Weeks Old. 

Did she cry? 
Yes, a bit

Did she made a fuss about the darkness?
Not really

Did she actually watched the movie? 
At the very end yes...when the music came out! She started clapping and moving back and forth! Hehe of course no video because it was too dark in there. 

Tips tips because Mummylicious have this thing about giving tips to others. Take it or leave it, not my concern, just want to share what I've experienced.


1. Have snacks at hand. FOOD is vital

We went to watch after work and it was right before Baby PP's dinner time. Being an impromtu movie session, no dinner was prepared. Since there was a supermarket nearby, i trotted at the end of the shopping mall to get Baby PP some snack and dinner just in case. She had her Heinz bottled dinner. Baby PP was fussy earlier than normal feeding time, so we fed her anyway, in the dark.

Of course, milk. For me, breastfeeding. Hehe so milk always at ermm hand. 

Something new for Baby PP's tastebuds, Heinz Rice Crackers
(its really meant for infants above 10 Months but yeah. don't care. Baby PP loves to munch and she LOVED this. Around 4 pieces dissapeared in her mouth)

2. Get couple seat

Why? More space and baby can sit in between parents easily. Plus, most cinema's couple seat are situated at the top so you can leave the stroller at the very top and within reach. No stairs complication.

Or you can do what we did, just seat ourself in the couple seat even though we bought normal seat somewhere in the middle row, right in the middle. (we didn't buy them...our childless, unmarried friend did!...see...what you don't know before you have a baby to consider)

3. Get seated by the aisle

Escape route. All parents should have a ready escape route at hand that will minimise other patron's discomfort.Be considerate lah. If your baby cries, don't just sit and hope baby will stop crying. 

All we had to do was get up and moved behind the backrow and Baby PP was okay again. Didn't miss a single thing.

4. Have a lighttorch / mobile phones with lights ready

Ever tried feeding in darkness? No? You don't want to try. Plus, handy to look for escape route.

5. Watch when the cinema is not full ie: not at opening weekend!

Again, minimise any other patron's complaints. You be more comfortable knowing that. 
Also, if you didn't buy couple's seat or get a seat on top or near an aisle, so much easier to just sit anywhere you like! we did! *BIG GRIN*

The non married childless couple who bought the movie tickets coming up from their middle row.
See Baby PP wants to watch the credit wondering where the cartoon people have gone to.

The family at the end of the movie

Our verdict :: Loved it! Loved the movie and loved the experience. Now I am no longer afraid to bring Baby PP out to watch a movie. So long its a family friendly one :)

Try it! Even when the baby is much younger. Researchs have shown that baby feels comforted when in the cinema because the darkness and noises replicates the environment in the womb. Just remember tip no.5 at least.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daddylicious ends up in the hospital

Quote of the day: "Tak suka la camni, rasa macam orang sakit" (I don't like this, feels like I'm sick) said Daddylicious as he lies on his hospital bed with drips up his arm. Ya think?

On Thursday, a call came from an unknown number on my mobile.
"May I speak to Miss Mummylicious please?" Yes...she said Miss...
"It is I! MISS MUMMYLICIOUS!" ...No, i didnt answer like that exactly.

She continued calmly...
"I'm from Tropicana Medical Center, I just want to inform you, your husband Daddylicious been admitted to emergency..*she said somethingsomething i blanked out for a minute*..he was having chest pains and difficulty in breathing but he is okay now..he is going to be warded for the night. So you can come to the hospital to room 513 soon."

My reaction to hearing that..."My husband? Hospital? Emergency? Warded?" while kinda in half disbelief and half laughing. Yes..laughing. Ok, more like a snigger. Dont ask me why I laughed/snigger. I have weird reactions to ackward situations.

Honestly, i thought it was a friend playing a prank on me because she sounded like one of my friends being all formal when asking to speak to me, said MISS like i like to be called, and using my full name and she was so calm! I was...very sceptical. like...seriously? only when she said "going to be warded" i begin to realise..hmm this might be real.

"Yes. Your husband, Daddylicious will be in room 513"

"Room 5.1.3. Ok I be right there. Thank you" and i laughed a bit and i think i said to myself "oh boy..." before heading to my room.stared at the room..then walked out to my dad to tell him he have to drive me to the hospital.  I then took a shower, packed some stuff for myself, Daddylicious and Baby PP just in case Baby PP and I ended up staying there. 

No running. No tears. Just a lot of fast walking. and left Baby PP to be handled by G-Na who of course followed along to the hospital together with my sister and brother. 

Tropicana Medical Center where Daddylicious drove himself into emergency.
See our room on the 5th floor that is actually 4th floor.

Mummylicious didn't panic. Just forgot some things like towels, camera and pills for self. But everything else was very sorted. And I did ended up staying the night with Daddylicious. Baby PP left for home to sleep with G-Na after I gave her a long feeding at the hospital. It was then my personal milestone as the first time I spent the night at a hospital as a wife and as a non patient. 

"We are having quadtruplets!"
Getting ECHO test done.
Reminded me very much of Baby PP's ultrasound sessions! and Daddylicious agreed too...

Daddylicious is fine now. The cardiologist (that's Heart Specialist to those who are going errk? on medical titles) still couldn't determine my husband's chest pain. It could be muscles but the trigger is unknown. All that is definite is that his blood pressure was at 180 when he went into emergency. 

Now, as far as i know, i married a guy who is as old as i am. So he's not THAT old but high blood pressure before 30? Crazy.  But alhamdullilah, that episode is over. His blood pressure was normal the next day and Baby PP came to visit and played with her Daddy.

Happily playing next to Daddylicious when I decided to get something to eat for myself and Daddylicious.
10 minutes later, i was greeted to this when i walked in the room.
Notice my banana for Baby PP teatime and sandwiches for Mummylicious and Daddylicious.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Mummylicious is in the hospital

I am sleeping over in the hospital tonight. No, nothing wrong with me. Neither is anything wrong with Baby PP. But Daddylicious have been admitted after experiencing severe light headedness, chest pains and others. High blood pressure. 

One baby and one wife, already he have high blood pressure. One could only imagine when there is Baby PP the Second and Baby PP the Third. I put a stop at Baby PP the Third though. I like to preserve my sanity that way. And imagine his blood pressure when Baby PP turns into a tween! Gah!

At least i know, he can't even handle one Mummylicious, safe to say there won't be a second Wifeylicious for him? Hehehe. 

Ah well. I only found out at around 8.40PM after feeding and bathing Baby PP. We all rushed to the hospital once I got the call from the nurse at Emergency. Managed to pack some stuff up for Daddylicious, Baby PP and myself just in case. 

Daddylicious hates hospitals. When I was to deliver Baby PP, he refused to walk around the hospital after dark. Call it 6th sense whatever, he is never happy in a hospital. So I know, somehow, I have to stay in the hospital with him to keep him company. But what about Baby PP who is still fully breastfeeding?

To let baby PP stay in hospital or not to stay?

Change of clothes. Check
Diapers. check.
Blanket. check.
Breakfast for Baby PP. forgot.
CowGiraffe to sleep with. forgot.
Baby PP's toiletries. check
Towel for Baby PP. check. 

I forgot my own towel and Daddylicious towel and underwear though. But not Baby PP's. No-uh.

So even though Baby PP could have stayed at the hospital with me and Daddylicious, we decided against it so Daddylicious can rest and I can help Daddylicious in any case easily without Baby PP around.
Baby PP went home after a last feeding around 10.30 PM and slept with her G-Na. Sleeping, not a problem since she sleeps through the night anyway. Its the feeding when she wakes up at 7-8AM I am worrying about now. But that, I will worry about tomorrow, and hopefully there are some good stock of expressed breastmilk in the fridge for Baby PP to drink in the morning.