Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mummylicious birthday recap: Baby first words!

Baby PP started to coo when she was around 1 months plus. Like really..."cooooo" "coooo" or just "uuuuuu". Tres adorable! ...Can't find video of her cooing. maybe later

Then at around 3-4 months...the babbling begin. lots of "gagagagaga blabalablabla" and variations of more "ooooouuuuhHHHhh"s and "cooooOOoo"s.

The best birthday present? Was from my beloved baby, Princess Peanut started to say "Mama" over and over again. On. my. birthday! awwwwww

Video was after she shouted and screamed "MAMAMAMA" when i was away. this was after i came back and changing her diaper. ....and she's saying it much softer now. and with "Da" and "Pa" thrown in. Now she's really babbling. 

I know some people say that baby at this age are just babbling consonants and vowels because it sounds good to them.

Yeah BabyCenter said 
"The first "mama" or "dada" may slip out now and then. Though it's sure to melt your heart, your baby doesn't equate those words with you quite yet. That comes later, when he's almost a year old."
But how do you explain she started saying it when I went away from her?  I left her with her aunt and Baby PP started screaming saying "MA MA MA MA MA" and when i came back..she stopped. Happy i was back. (sidenote: Yes, Baby PP is quite attached to me and would cry out when I walk away from her)

I wanted to  test the theory and went from her sight again. and again she went "MA MA MA MA MA". When I went out with my friend for a birthday supper, baby PP would look around for me while saying "Mama mama mama" (according to my sis and mom). 

Maybe it really means me? Maybe thats the only thing she knows now? Maybe coincidentally, even though it's too early for her too "equate those words" with me yet, she somehow did? So based on when she said it, and how she said it. I concluded she said "Mama" in reference to me.

Plus baby PP does this more often now when I am around and she wants milk. IE: Me. the mother cow. So with the combination of her sign language for milk that she has been doing since 4 months old. I know for sure when she wants milk. 

So whatever. My baby PP just said Mama. and that means me. Best birthday present ever!

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Parenting "Baby's first words" (also have tips on encouraging your little babies to talk. Useful reminder)

Mummylicious birthday recap: Cards and Presents!

So what comes after dinner? The gifts! 

Cards and presents from the siblings. 

Which were no surprise since I picked them myself :P and hilarious being able to hear my sister and brother bickering while selecting my birthday card in the bookshop. I tried not to listen! I didnt hear anything.

The video game was something I've been asking for a long time for my brother to get! Oh my oh my! The Mummy gamer in me can't wait! Weird to get an xbox game Assassins Creed II as a present? Which means you dont know me. If baby PP turns into a gamer, its not the Daddy to blame, its the Mummy. 

One out of two presents from my parents.
The second...I was willing to wait for a sale which is next week!

Flowers from the in-laws. Lilies were for my mom but I claimed it :P
It smelled too nice!

A card from Daddylicious that sings...
"You're too sexy for this card, too sexy for this card..." you know the rest.
How "romantic".

And the present. Thank you dear husband.

And then the second card from baby PP!
(the first was apparently torn without recognition according to Daddylicious. Baby PP ate it)

The inside of the card from my precious baby daughter that says,

"Happy Birthday Mummy

Since I'm still seven months old and most probably I'll eat the PC instead of using it to make you a card, Daddy helped me making the first birthday card for you!

May you have a great birthday with me and daddy.
Of course many more to come! Muahx!" present from baby PP though. but its okay. I bought her a present instead.

A Mothercare soft fabric toy that Baby PP would not let go when she got hold of it. 
Even to pay I couldn't muster it out of her hands.

Mummylicious birthday recap: Baby first time in highchair!

Being sick does not help in blogging. Let me say that! So one must backtrack as best as one could. 

On every family member birthday, we would choose a place to eat and dine to be with the whole family (if possible). So this year, i wanted to go to the Japanese restaurant i took Daddylicious on his birthday, and since it was near Pavillion, the rest of the family was happy enough to go to Pavillion before meeting us at the restaurant. Unfortunately, we found out that the Japanese restaurant closes on Sunday! aiyaah. there goes free Japanese dinner. Since everyone was at Pavillion already, I decided Star Hill's Shook! was the place for my birthday dinner.

First time in a high chair!

So this post will be full of photos of the dinner. And also Baby PP's first time in a highchair! Gosh, so fast time flies and now she can sit straight by her own and deserving her own chair to eat at the dinner table like a grown up.

Only last year, baby PP was still in my tummy. I was 18 weeks pregnant then and yes, i wore heels :P

BEFORE - During pregnancy @ 18 weeks.

Wearing the same heels as I did at last year dinner but in my favourite jeans that i can now fit again!
 AFTER- post-pregnancy 7 months
 Mummylicious and Daddylicious
The ladies of the house. The smallest has the most power.

"I shall have....ermm..i shall have....ermm a thin hard bread thank you." 
Nom nom nom
 "Where's my order?" 
"Oh there it is. I dropped it. Its very high from where I am. Let me drop more bread and see what happens"
 "My grandpa wanted to pose with me but I am busy muching my bread"
 "Mummy just gave me a taste of Virgin Lychee Margharita! Yucks"

"I like my homemade food better! Yum yum"

So how did you like your first time on a high chair Baby PP?

"Loved it! Can't stop swinging my feet!"

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby Rolling, Shuffling and Creeping and the 1st horror

Baby and rolling around.

Baby PP is approximately 7 months and 1 week old now and confirmed, she is not a rolling around baby. No rolly-polly actions for baby PP, nope. no siree. She roll-over. Yes. from her back to tummy..from tummy to back. Very often. but she always remained in the same spot and she rarely does it. Too rare that it's hard to remember when she started doing it often. But again. same spot. back and forth.
Amongst the rare times she self-roll. To peek at her Mummy and Daddy.

Was I as a worrywart mother worried? of course! i just said i'm a worrywart paranoid always think of the worst that could happen person. As a mother? Double, triple...fine..quadtriple that. 

Babies normally starts rolling around at 2 to 6 months. (See useful links below for reading marterials) That's what most caregivers would attest to. But then some babies are not bothered with rolling around. 
"The age when babies roll over, sit up, creep, stand up, or walk is more variable than the age when they get control of their head or arms. A lot depends on temperament and weight. A wiry, energetic baby is in a great rush to get moving. A plump, placid one may be willing to wait until later." Dr Spock.
Guess PP is a too plump and placid baby eh Dr Spock? 

We tried everything to get her to roll. First was to let her loads of belly time. Everyday for at least an hour since birth. The loads of helping hand to help her roll to encourage her to do herself.  Putting toys near her. Rattles. Fav soft toys. new shiny things. Diamonds and pearls. Loads.. of everything actually. 

But nothing works...except to give her, her own time. ...and to let her be angry :P

Trying....trying....gave up on rolling video. She gave up for a looong time after that. 
This was at 4 months and 2 week.

A week after that! 
yay, a captured rare among the first 3 self roll. Near 4 Months and 3 weeks?
Too tired to roll again? Or too lazy? Sad face hoping for help
Once. then nothing. then once more.
Only when she is angry.

But me, the worrywart, was still worried even after PP's Pead's saw her at her 5 months and 6 months appointment and told me she is developing normally. Baby PP can lift her head up more than 45 degree, her neck is strong, would roll with a little bit of we lift her using only her hands, she would immediately straighten her legs and stand up! from 4 months on! She also started to "butt shuffling" (creeping on her back and bottom using hands and legs) in her sleep at around 4 months too. We would find her in many positions when she wakes up around here.

 In Phuket, we discovered she is starting to move butt shuffling while sleeping.
Put her in the middle. She ends somewhere at the side
The beginning of the cot being too big.
Around late 3 months to 4 month

So we knew, somewhere deep inside me, she is ok. She just doesn't see the point of rolling around. "Why should i? i just cry and someone is bound to pick me up!" Too lazy. (I wonder where she gets that from? *roll eyes)

More butt shuffling and creeping begins.

I finally stopped worrying...very recently when though she doesn't roll around to get to Point A to Point B. Baby PP does indeed roll-over once or twice when she wants to and then she started to creep backward, forward...sideways. And indeed, more butt shuffling. That came around 6 months plus. 

Baby PP chasing a ball. This was last week. We realise she have started doing some creeping around 6 months and 3 weeks. 

"Hallo! Hug me!"

"Just having my post lunch drink. Dont need help"

"I don't know how i ended up here from having a drink. Hmmmm was it a combination of creeping, rolling over once or twice (cause that is all i care to do) and butt shuffling? Hmmm"

"I think I'm stuck. or maybe I'm too lazy to creep anymore but i want my toys!"
"I know, i drag my toys and my playmat towards me!"

Yesterday, was the horror amongst all horror!!!!

We put baby PP at one end of our king sized bed  (where Daddylicious was) as we were busy packing things for our weekend trip to the in-laws. She scooted on her back, made her way backward to the other end (where I was, packing baby clothes). 

Suddenly, when she was 2 feet away from the edge, Baby PP made a MAJOR backward launch  with her legs that made her head and first half of her tiny body went south, towards the hard marble floor! I was...and still am in horror over what could have happened. 

Gravity is scary and I am very thankful, at THAT moment of self-launch, I was by that side of the bed and not in baby PP's closet looking for her clothes just a minute before. And I am very thankful i somehow saw my little baby going South instead of maintaining her Westward direction at the corner of my eye. Thankful my reflexes came into action. A split second decision and action. Thankful that i managed to hold down her sliding, SLIDING chubby thighs and quickly lifted her up. 

OOhhhh i gave Daddylicious an earful after that. 
When the shouting was over...i know it wasn't completely his fault. It was my fault too for not anticipating it. For assuming Daddylicious had added a pillow at the end. And that she is safe. Very safe. I was there. Thank God i was there. 
"It is amazing how fast such a baby can reach the edge, and many do fall from an adult bed to the floor, which makes a parent feel very guilty. " Dr Spock
Thanks Dr Spock. I think even a near fall makes a parent VERY guilty.

Nope. No video of that incident. Nor photos. Crazy ah?! But I have a photo from today wearing her new dress :)

"I'm so prettyyyy, so so pretty!"

No falling off the bed for you little missy. Not yet anyway. Lets wait until the crawling starts and Mummylicious can teach you how to get down from the bed safely.

And after the incident while we packed to stay over at the inlaws, we know we had to be EXTRA vigilant with Baby PP on the queen sized bed at the inlaws.

How Baby PP is protected from all sides. 
Daddylicious sleeping vertically. Mummylicious horizontally.
Baby PP. Safe.

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Mummylicious is high

Mummylicious is down with the flu! and is so higgghhh.

I think if I were to drink alchohol. I be very high and happy person.
I think if I were to do weeds. I be very high and happy person.

Its very obvious because I get high on just drinking Coke. ...and by taking Panadol. I definitely be a high and happy person. So no illegal substance needed! Yup, none. Just let me have Coke and Panadol and I'll be buzzing like a bee!

But today! I had Clarinase. On an empty stomach. I am definitely am a very high and happy person! and I will crash into a deep slumber in a few minutes. Oh bliss oh bliss.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Mummylicious remembering pregnancy woes from "The Back Up Plan"

Last night Daddylicious and I watched one of our *new* DVDs that were bought ermmm a month ago? You think we have bought dozens to only reach to this, but you know Malaysia, buy 5 get 1 free DVDs offers? Yeah, 6 *new* DVDs, bought a month ago, and we only reached movie number 3. And people wonder why I have no time to go to a cinema, its taking us forever to finish watching 6 DVDs!. Life of a parent eh?

Anyway, I digress. We watched Jennifer Lopez's new movie "The Back Up Plan" whom she starred with this other guy who is not very popular at all. Without giving away the spoiler *hah! its a romantic comedy*, I'll give you a basic summary of what the movie is about. 

Madam Lopez is a single lady of unknown age grown tired of being single decided to start a family by herself, got herself artificially inseminated then met a guy soon after and then found out she was pregnant after that first insemination *who would have thunk that?*, but can Madam Lopez and the forgetful guy be together anyway? 

So, in conclusion, lots of pregnancy stuff and whacked hormones behaviour. And me saying to Daddylicious, "No wonder we're supposed to be married first then get pregnant" cause being pregnant = not so sexy behaviours and sudden hormonal tantrums that if you're not married ie: your man is stuck with you = run man, run.

Scenes that got Daddylicious rolling his eyes and saying "this brings back memories of *someone* i know very well"

1. Madam Lopez throwing clothes around and yelling nothing fits her.

3 months up and nothing fits. All my beautiful clothes. All my expensive jeans. It was terrible, terrible time. Going out would bring fits of tears because nothing i want to wear fits. and it doesn't help that i was refusing to buy maternity clothes. 

What makes it worse? When you decide to go maternity pants shopping, nothing still fits! You are still too small to fit maternity pants OR its too blardy expensive. 

What with maternity clothes anyway? So its designed to fit women double their normal size so you decide to double the price as well? Not like the designs are nice anyway. I am pregnant, doesn't mean I should be wearing ruffles and floral patterns for the next 9 months! Ruffles, ruffles and ruffles and FLOWERS. Look, i know i am pregnant, the testament of actually being a woman but doesn't mean i automatically want to dress like a flower bouquet.

I retaliated by not buying maternity clothes but to buy larger sized dresses, maxi dresses, empire styled tops and the best...leggings. At least i can wear them AFTER pregnancy and not to be mistaken as still pregnant. I had and still having issues with pregnancy clothes.

2. Madam Lopez went shopping with LOOOADSS of baby clothes and her forgetful co-star yelling at her, that's a lot of clothes for an unborn child, what happens after?! 

Answer: More clothes. Baby PP closet is bigger than Daddylicious. Dudududuuduuuuu

3. Madam Lopez and the pregnancy pillow attachment

I didn't get a pregnancy pillow which is basically a very huge long pillow for pregnant women to hug and support her growing stomach while she sleeps. I think its a waste of money. 

Snoogle Chic - Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow with Easy-off Zippered CoverTodays Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy PillowLeachco Back 'N Belly - Contoured Body Pillow - Ivory 
Ugly aren't they?

Instead, i made my half of king sized bed into a fortress! 

1 pillow for the head, 1 pillow for the stomach, 1 pillow to hug between my legs, 1 just to wrap my arms with and 1 pillow to support my back. Needless to say, my half of bed turned into 3 quarters and Daddylicious ended up with a small portion to curled up in. I loved my fortress of pillows, he hated it. He tried to moved my pillow no.5, the back support pillow several times and that ended up with me growling at him.

Note: Dear husbands to current pregnant wives. Do note that her pillow fortress is very important and vital for her to be comfortable. Although your stomach may be equivalent to her stomach size, it does not mean she is as comfortable sleeping without her pillows as you are. Deal with it.

4. Madam Lopez eating junk food in bed while reading baby/pregnancy books

That says it all.

5. Buying stroller scene.

Choose ONE out of hundreds

Once you hit the stage of pregnancy where purchasing begins, choosing a stroller to fit your lifestyle and budget will be one of your important purchase. And the choices are mind numbing. Safety vs price. Style vs comfort. Ways to fold. Space it requires in the car. etcetcetc. Literally, mind numbing. Good luck on that one.

But I miss them all. Not sure if Daddylicious does but honestly, who cares?

PS: Happy Birthday to me :)
Since my birthday is still ongoing for the next 19 hours, the post and pictures will have to wait

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby first finger food at 6 months

When I first started baby PP on solid food, i stuck with the basic pureed, soft textured, baby food. And of course my reading material and subjects extended to feeding the baby. "What to feed, what not to feed, when to feed, how often, how much" etc etc. Amongst my reading i found a suggestion by Dr Spock, who wrote in his book

"by the time babies are up to 6 or 7 months old, they want to and can pick foods up in their hands and suck and munch on them. This is good training for them as preparation for spoon feeding themselves at about a year...The traditional first finger food is a crust of stale wholewheat bread or toast at 6 or 7 months. Babies suck at it and chew at it with their bare gum (they might be tingling with teething, and in that case, they will enjoy the biting). As it softens gradually with their saliva, some of it rubs or dissolves off into their mouths, enough to make them feel they're getting somewhere. Most of it goes on their hands, faces, hair and the furniture."

BabyCenter said to start "When your baby's between 7 and 9 months old, he'll probably let you know that he's ready to start feeding himself — by grabbing the spoon you're feeding him with or snatching food off your plate." 

Baby PP has begun doing that at around 5 months 3 weeks, hence my research on finger foods. Was Baby PP ready? My intend was for her to learn, and not to "feed" her. Dr spock's last line...was true to its words.

At 6 months old after she had her her fill of breakfast cereal, Baby PP had her first finger food. Not just the crust, but the whole bread.

Steps on how to teach your infant to grasp and eat finger food.
1. Take wholemeal bread from container.
2. Tear in half 
3. Put in plastic plate (optional)
4. Serve

Easy right? Baby PP reaction was ....very....hmm...nonchalant. She just looked  at it like she look at every other objects and subjects she looks at everyday, touched it, grab it and shoved it into her mouth. All in a couple of seconds.

"UUhh bread on the table! Lets grab it!"

The first couple of time, the crusts were left on the bread. Baby PP had no problems other than she doesn't like them. She just spit them out if it ended up in her mouth. But out of concern, we took out the crusts at later feedings. Baby PP also likes croissant. Not sure if its good for her, but she eats it as passionately as her wholemeal bread.
 "Munch munch munch in my toothless mouth"
"Nom Nom Nom, there's a piece of bread that won't be munched away in my mouth!"
The damage

This was actually her second time. The first time was such an sudden impulse to try Dr Spock's advise that not even my mobile camera was ready. 

If you're like me, too lazy to go out to buy those teething finger food, try this.  Just don't use white bread, it is not advised. Maybe because it is too processed and little nutritional value as according to Kids Health article.

However, do note that you shouldn't leave your baby unattended when she does this the first time or the 40th time. Just yesterday, Baby PP was having her wholemeal bread for after breakfast munching when she tore a long strip of bread. Like this photo, but less width more length.

She sucked, munched, sucked and munched until only half an inch was left from her mouth. I pulled it out, she sucked it in again. And the she started to gag on that piece of bread. So because she refused to let it go, i pull and tug the bread until only a small piece was left in her mouth. Then.....she did it again.

I can't find the reference on baby east wholemeal bread on his website. So these others will have to do.

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