Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby went to watch a movie for the first time!

Crazy busy that would be my summary. So crazy I have had no time to update as frequently as possible. But I must! I MUST! or every week would be like this...backtracking coz you must not NOT update milestone right? Milestones are important...that is why they are called milestone, an important stone. or not it will be called simply, a rock.

And the not rock but milestone event was

Baby PP, Mummylicious and Daddylicious went to watch a movie for the first time as a family unit! Yippee!

A very family friendly movie. 

"What are we watching Mummy? Hmmm looks interesting indeed"
"Mummy! I can't see! Why don't i get a 3D glasses too? See! I have to squint my eyes"

Now we went to watch this 2 weeks ago, so Baby PP was 8 Months and 2 Weeks Old. 

Did she cry? 
Yes, a bit

Did she made a fuss about the darkness?
Not really

Did she actually watched the movie? 
At the very end yes...when the music came out! She started clapping and moving back and forth! Hehe of course no video because it was too dark in there. 

Tips tips because Mummylicious have this thing about giving tips to others. Take it or leave it, not my concern, just want to share what I've experienced.


1. Have snacks at hand. FOOD is vital

We went to watch after work and it was right before Baby PP's dinner time. Being an impromtu movie session, no dinner was prepared. Since there was a supermarket nearby, i trotted at the end of the shopping mall to get Baby PP some snack and dinner just in case. She had her Heinz bottled dinner. Baby PP was fussy earlier than normal feeding time, so we fed her anyway, in the dark.

Of course, milk. For me, breastfeeding. Hehe so milk always at ermm hand. 

Something new for Baby PP's tastebuds, Heinz Rice Crackers
(its really meant for infants above 10 Months but yeah. don't care. Baby PP loves to munch and she LOVED this. Around 4 pieces dissapeared in her mouth)

2. Get couple seat

Why? More space and baby can sit in between parents easily. Plus, most cinema's couple seat are situated at the top so you can leave the stroller at the very top and within reach. No stairs complication.

Or you can do what we did, just seat ourself in the couple seat even though we bought normal seat somewhere in the middle row, right in the middle. (we didn't buy them...our childless, unmarried friend did!...see...what you don't know before you have a baby to consider)

3. Get seated by the aisle

Escape route. All parents should have a ready escape route at hand that will minimise other patron's discomfort.Be considerate lah. If your baby cries, don't just sit and hope baby will stop crying. 

All we had to do was get up and moved behind the backrow and Baby PP was okay again. Didn't miss a single thing.

4. Have a lighttorch / mobile phones with lights ready

Ever tried feeding in darkness? No? You don't want to try. Plus, handy to look for escape route.

5. Watch when the cinema is not full ie: not at opening weekend!

Again, minimise any other patron's complaints. You be more comfortable knowing that. 
Also, if you didn't buy couple's seat or get a seat on top or near an aisle, so much easier to just sit anywhere you like! we did! *BIG GRIN*

The non married childless couple who bought the movie tickets coming up from their middle row.
See Baby PP wants to watch the credit wondering where the cartoon people have gone to.

The family at the end of the movie

Our verdict :: Loved it! Loved the movie and loved the experience. Now I am no longer afraid to bring Baby PP out to watch a movie. So long its a family friendly one :)

Try it! Even when the baby is much younger. Researchs have shown that baby feels comforted when in the cinema because the darkness and noises replicates the environment in the womb. Just remember tip no.5 at least.


::Ida:: said...

what a milestone! for mummy that is! coz able to bring pp to movie :P

nways, nak tanya u, hows pp's been sleeping these days? ok dah? tru the night? my hariz has been waking up la pulak. i think i should buat balik that cry-it-out method. huhuhu.. haihh.. i tak tau la ape problem die.. too cold ke, lapar ke.. i tried to let him cry once, tapi makin lame, makin kuat pulak. frm wat ive read, if the cries getting louder, he's proly hungry.. huhuhu.. help!

miralatiff said...

Lame sungguh x menjenguk blog you ni..I was internet-less for the last 2 weeks..

Actually, I've been waiting to bring my son to watch movie with us in the cinema for so long..but selalu hasrat tergendale sebab risau my son will get cranky and whatnot..

Now after reading this entry I boleh try la son pon dah besar skit..especially a movie like Toy Story ni memang senang sangat nak attract his attention..

Mummylicious said...

ida! same here! i think its just a growth spurt going on. or teething. Baby PP will only sleep in her cot if I lie down near her. And the cries, MasyaAllah, are so much louder. like in pain. Usually wakes up around 5am with really angry cries. so since i think its growth spurt, i kasi je susu. sigh...or mmg badan separuh masuk cot baring next to her.

mira. good luck. berdebar gak before masuk but nasib baik tak ramai org. :P

C-Fu said...

yeah i can vouch for PP's loudness, kitorang yang kat depan pon leh dengar loud and clear ZOMG