Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daddylicious ends up in the hospital

Quote of the day: "Tak suka la camni, rasa macam orang sakit" (I don't like this, feels like I'm sick) said Daddylicious as he lies on his hospital bed with drips up his arm. Ya think?

On Thursday, a call came from an unknown number on my mobile.
"May I speak to Miss Mummylicious please?" Yes...she said Miss...
"It is I! MISS MUMMYLICIOUS!" ...No, i didnt answer like that exactly.

She continued calmly...
"I'm from Tropicana Medical Center, I just want to inform you, your husband Daddylicious been admitted to emergency..*she said somethingsomething i blanked out for a minute*..he was having chest pains and difficulty in breathing but he is okay now..he is going to be warded for the night. So you can come to the hospital to room 513 soon."

My reaction to hearing that..."My husband? Hospital? Emergency? Warded?" while kinda in half disbelief and half laughing. Yes..laughing. Ok, more like a snigger. Dont ask me why I laughed/snigger. I have weird reactions to ackward situations.

Honestly, i thought it was a friend playing a prank on me because she sounded like one of my friends being all formal when asking to speak to me, said MISS like i like to be called, and using my full name and she was so calm! I was...very sceptical. like...seriously? only when she said "going to be warded" i begin to realise..hmm this might be real.

"Yes. Your husband, Daddylicious will be in room 513"

"Room 5.1.3. Ok I be right there. Thank you" and i laughed a bit and i think i said to myself "oh boy..." before heading to my room.stared at the room..then walked out to my dad to tell him he have to drive me to the hospital.  I then took a shower, packed some stuff for myself, Daddylicious and Baby PP just in case Baby PP and I ended up staying there. 

No running. No tears. Just a lot of fast walking. and left Baby PP to be handled by G-Na who of course followed along to the hospital together with my sister and brother. 

Tropicana Medical Center where Daddylicious drove himself into emergency.
See our room on the 5th floor that is actually 4th floor.

Mummylicious didn't panic. Just forgot some things like towels, camera and pills for self. But everything else was very sorted. And I did ended up staying the night with Daddylicious. Baby PP left for home to sleep with G-Na after I gave her a long feeding at the hospital. It was then my personal milestone as the first time I spent the night at a hospital as a wife and as a non patient. 

"We are having quadtruplets!"
Getting ECHO test done.
Reminded me very much of Baby PP's ultrasound sessions! and Daddylicious agreed too...

Daddylicious is fine now. The cardiologist (that's Heart Specialist to those who are going errk? on medical titles) still couldn't determine my husband's chest pain. It could be muscles but the trigger is unknown. All that is definite is that his blood pressure was at 180 when he went into emergency. 

Now, as far as i know, i married a guy who is as old as i am. So he's not THAT old but high blood pressure before 30? Crazy.  But alhamdullilah, that episode is over. His blood pressure was normal the next day and Baby PP came to visit and played with her Daddy.

Happily playing next to Daddylicious when I decided to get something to eat for myself and Daddylicious.
10 minutes later, i was greeted to this when i walked in the room.
Notice my banana for Baby PP teatime and sandwiches for Mummylicious and Daddylicious.


Quiyah & Hasrul said...

hah, my husband scared me also when he told me he had to go to the hospital to see the cardiologist. Coz the doctor at the clinic told him that it might a mild heart attack that he was suffering. But after a normal stress test, the cardio asked him to go back, unless if the pain persistent then, they might keep him warded. But there's no need for that.. i was glad that he dont have to be warded, or else i would have cried in blood.. :)

::Ida:: said...

everyone say 'awwwwwwwwww'. that last photo is adoroble. so pp actually sleep on her own? wow!

glad daddylicious is ok now. :)

Mummylicious said...

Quiyah:: i feel you! scary kan?
Ida:: rarely! that's why i was surprised. hehe alhamdullilah he's ok now. stress kerje and gaduh ngan bini dia :P

miralatiff said...

Alhamdulillah..memang scary kalo dapat call from hospital ni..especially if it's related to our loved ones..