Friday, July 02, 2010

Mummylicious is in the hospital

I am sleeping over in the hospital tonight. No, nothing wrong with me. Neither is anything wrong with Baby PP. But Daddylicious have been admitted after experiencing severe light headedness, chest pains and others. High blood pressure. 

One baby and one wife, already he have high blood pressure. One could only imagine when there is Baby PP the Second and Baby PP the Third. I put a stop at Baby PP the Third though. I like to preserve my sanity that way. And imagine his blood pressure when Baby PP turns into a tween! Gah!

At least i know, he can't even handle one Mummylicious, safe to say there won't be a second Wifeylicious for him? Hehehe. 

Ah well. I only found out at around 8.40PM after feeding and bathing Baby PP. We all rushed to the hospital once I got the call from the nurse at Emergency. Managed to pack some stuff up for Daddylicious, Baby PP and myself just in case. 

Daddylicious hates hospitals. When I was to deliver Baby PP, he refused to walk around the hospital after dark. Call it 6th sense whatever, he is never happy in a hospital. So I know, somehow, I have to stay in the hospital with him to keep him company. But what about Baby PP who is still fully breastfeeding?

To let baby PP stay in hospital or not to stay?

Change of clothes. Check
Diapers. check.
Blanket. check.
Breakfast for Baby PP. forgot.
CowGiraffe to sleep with. forgot.
Baby PP's toiletries. check
Towel for Baby PP. check. 

I forgot my own towel and Daddylicious towel and underwear though. But not Baby PP's. No-uh.

So even though Baby PP could have stayed at the hospital with me and Daddylicious, we decided against it so Daddylicious can rest and I can help Daddylicious in any case easily without Baby PP around.
Baby PP went home after a last feeding around 10.30 PM and slept with her G-Na. Sleeping, not a problem since she sleeps through the night anyway. Its the feeding when she wakes up at 7-8AM I am worrying about now. But that, I will worry about tomorrow, and hopefully there are some good stock of expressed breastmilk in the fridge for Baby PP to drink in the morning. 

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::Ida:: said...

hope daddylicious doing fine by now.. kesian G-na :P