Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mummylicious (kinda) Splurged: Chanel 2.55 Classic

First of all, the following post is not meant to show off. Just to record my extreme happiness. If you don't like it, please go away. like. shoo. now. shoo

Now with the disclaimer is done with.

You remember this posts?

Look what came in through my mailbox very VERY recently. That is Mummylicious's Email mailbox. 
What comes in a black box? With white ribbons and a Camelia on top of it?

My Classic Flap 2.55 Black Caviar Gold Hardware Jumbo Sized .... CHANEL!
Accompanying her is my friend's Classic Flap 2.55 Beige Caviar Gold Hardware Jumbo Sized...CHANEL! 
( I just had to state them like that)

Here it is. My precious.
Saying it again. My Classic Flap 2.55 Black Caviar Gold Hardware Jumbo Sized .... CHANEL!
I am such a black handbag person so this is a nice fit for me! Weee.

My friend's precious 2.55 Chanel in its natural beige tone
Though my ability to keep a light coloured bag clean is beyond my natural capabilities, a regular sized 2.55 in beige is my next aim. "Hello Mothership? Book satu please?"

Photos only lah. Now i have to wait for my friend to come home to hug and kiss this new baby of mine.
For now, I can only kiss my laptop screen and hope my love reaches her. See how i excited i am, that i edited the photos from my friend to eliminate any distracting background! *Huge Big GRIN*

Previously I stated that I was planning to buy this for myself with my dowry money. but then Daddylicious said that he had promised me this bag for our wedding...(he instead bought me a J12 instead...sigh) So ...Daddylicious said he will pay for the bag! ...before the prices goes up again. Thank you my sweetheart!!!!

So what should I buy with my dowry money instead? Hmm any thoughts? The dream of getting a Chanel at the mothership is still aliveeeeeeeeeeee!

Random other notes:: 

My sister and I observed a lady in Chanel KLCC wanting to purchase a bag. Totally normal. Totally fine. Until she received a phone call and it goes like this...

"Hello? Yah yah. I speak very good English, see I am popular ppl call me, lalala Im rich too apparent and I'm in CHAN-NEL"

Yup. She said Channel, like television channel-chan-nel in Chanel. IN CHANEL!

...and we burst out in laughter! right there and then.  She was not making a joke too! She didnt notice of course why we laughed but my mom was asking us "why? whats going on? why are you two laughing?" and since we were still near the Chan-nel lady, both of us kept saying "nothing ma, nothing...we tell you later".

Mispronunciation is common. but if you want to buy, uses, LURRVE designer items, at least know how to pronounce their names properly. 

Same things for people who claim to love "Lu-is Vit-ton".

As for why we were in Chanel KLCC for, you got to ask my sister that  and all i know...i can borrow it :) and a proper size comparison between our handbags can be done. 

Ps: Chanel is pronounced as "Sha-nell". Loius Vuitton is pronounced "Loo-wee Vee-tahng"


miralatiff said...

Woww...It is indeed a good investment!!

Kelakar la makcik Chan-nel tu...aduh wujud lagi manusia macam ni..hehe

::Ida:: said...

haih.. when lah im gonna get one of this dumbo... ehh.. jumbo :P

Shireen Khair said...

haha....i tot u said u only wanted to use ONE pic?? :p and yes, ur "baby" is wrapped in a blanket (like, seriously, i wrapped the box in a blanket).hehehe....

Anonymous said...

Xbaek hina org le ..mcm bgus2 sgt je ko ni kan ..ntah mmpu ke x nk pkai chanel poyo je lebih

Anonymous said...

Good evening :)
Could you please post a picture from the back of the bag? :')
Best regards

Mummylicious said...

Ok lah. ..teruskan sebut Channel di dalam kedai Chanel. Tu je.

Mummylicious said...

Sorry. Can't do that. Bags are not for sale and authentication purposes. :)