Thursday, November 04, 2010

Alor Setar under water

We interupt our normal programming to bring the news: 
Malaysian Northern States are under water! Jeng jeng jeng..

Haih...i am being serious lah. Of course am not making fun of my own hometown, Alor Setar and also Daddylicious's hometown in Ketereh, Kelantan. 

Came into the office and my aunty was informing me, her (arwah mother's) house in JALAN SULTANAH! is under water. Based on the photos we were viewing, it is approximately under 3 feet of water. THAT IS A LOT OF WATER TO FLOOD JALAN SULTANAH! Waaah...

So you can guess my grandmother's, Baby PP great-grandmother's concern with her house, my 'kampung' at Bakar Bata, Alor Setar. Her place? Right next to Kedah River. 

Baby PP at 2 months old: first and only trip to Alor Setar
Short overnight visit to Nek Wan's place 

See how near the river is. I think the house is part of the river now.
Please pray that flood won't damage my grandmother's house.

Flooding has happened before but not to this extend when even Jalan Sultanah is under water. 

Poor grandmother....thank God she is in Kuala Lumpur at the moment or she would definitely be trying to save of her possessions BY HERSELF! ..yup she would try to lift everything to the second floor without asking for help because that is my grandmother. 'Ketegaq' the rest of her family...including me. sigh.

So far, family members in affected areas are in good spirits (especially those that are used to flooding), and all are safe. Lets pray for their continous safety and limited damages to their homes.

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::Ida:: said...

eh your mom's house nearby KMC ke?
*bukak google carik kat mana bakar bata tu*

hehe.. i know the river but my geography fails :P

nama ja dok kedah 20 tahun. tapi habuk pon tarak :P