Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bibliophile dream

As i said in the last post, i like to divulge in a little house porn, which sadly includes furniture design porn. One post, ONE! by Liz about this bookcase (pic below) got me going through Google search results for types of bookcases and shelves that i dream about. 

Lizzie As A Mummy is looking for this bookcase
Seems familiar but can't remember where where I saw it.

What am i looking for? The list below basically covers what i want my home to look like. 

Be very prepared, for looking at gorgeous bookshelves for the bibliophile in you.

For the kids (or the kid in you)

Lizzie might be looking for that bookcase. I found this one but just can't afford the shipping fee. 
 Ps: I waaaannnnt both! 
If anyone knows a carpenter than can make these, let me know.
 I dont have a home to put these but I am beyond caring

Perfect for those little tots to learn alphabets right? or for adults to remember the alphabets.
AAKKOSET Bookcase by Kawiya via I New Idea 

The tree of knowledge! Geddit? 
Hahaha this is made out of flexible steel btw to minimise environmental impact.
"A tree becomes a tree becomes a tree" by a Korean designer, Shwon Soh

Bibliophile dream home
(the attainable kind)
Cute corner to store books.
Especially for a the dry kitchen area if you are a recipe books collector perhaps?

Most likely to have this in my dry kitchen/family area

 Curtained bookcase
Think having ceiling to floor bookcase looks too crowded when entertaining?
Hide them! But just having the curtains at the side look so stylish and adds much needed dash of colour to a neutral room. I like! Via Harrison House

Stair bookshelf.
Limited space? Try this. Although personally i don't like 'stepping on' books. I think its an Asian thing no? Stepping on books is like equivalent of stepping on knowledge. But its interesting concept and you can make it a storage space for other things. Via BoingBoing

Since stepping on books doesn't feel good to me, i prefer this. Storing books on ceiling rafters acting as shelves. Brilliant! Except being short would be a problem. sigh Via ApartmentTherapy

A simple bookshelf with big punctuations!!!
By Marcos Breder via I New Idea

Bookcase entryway
I just love this. Is this possible? So very possible. 
White room with a dash of black to accentuate the neutral and the colours from the books. 
via Patricia Grey You can find more photos at Patricia Grey's website

This is just the ultimate dream bookshelves arrangement.
Floor to ceiling with ladder to access top books. Ultimate. Another photo via Patricia Grey 

Now to have a house to put my bookcases and shelves in ....sigh


al said...

the alphabets shelf doesnt look very practicable.. but the other bookshelves are gorgeous! and love the punctuations!

::Ida:: said...

you know, i always dream about having all this books shelves to 'decorate' my spaces. like the bookcase entryway.
but then, how on earth im gonna get all those books??
looking at what i had at home, 1 row pon tak lepas :P

Mummylicious said...

al: i dont care! i wannnnnnnn!
ida: takpa, boleh penuh with baby books! but you can put other knickknacks jugak with the bookcases. example: all those toyyysss