Friday, November 05, 2010

Mummylicious love for all things pretty

Randomly going blog surfing the usual suspects, I stumbled upon a close friend's post about her search for a house for investment. So naturally, looking at houses means looking at SHOWHOUSES! Collective UUhhhHHHHh now. 

Let me tell you a not so big secret. I love doing house porn.
Don't get dirty minded la, I meant I just love looking at houses. Decorated houses, empty houses, friends houses and of course, show houses. Looking at every nook and cranny that has or has not been done. Thinking of possibilities. I have done this since I was in primary school...that means yes...breaking in into showhouses or empty unoccupied houses. Just so I could see the layout. And imagine how my house would be like. Even drawing housing blueprints and made them into a simple 2D doll houses. With self drawn cut out of paper dolls that were..3CM tall. That was my obsession during primary school.

If there is one biggest mistake in my life, is me not pursuing architecture degree.

Anyway I digress, as i got older, there are two websites I always look drool over their house designs and decorations ideas. 

1. Apartment Therapy which also includes Oh Dee Doh  and Re-Nest

For all general home designs ideas, from fixing things in rooms that need fixing to 

When I was pregnant, I seriously surf this page more than Apartment Therapy. It focus more on designing your home, your room with children in mind. 

What to do with old spaghetti jars? What to do with packing crates? What to do with old doors?
Anything with green home designing can be answered here. And it is done with so much style, one wonders why more Malaysians don't go green and save tonnes on garbage. 

2. Design*Sponge with great before and after features. 

Perfect for self torture and DIY tips and how-tos

Today I kinda found 2 new ones

3. Patricia Gray an interior decorator with lots of samples of what your home could look like! Swoonn

Patricia Gray

4. Hooked On Houses ...another Design*Sponge-esque, another house porn lover. Rejoice!

Hooked On Houses

Go on, check them out and do a bit of house porn watching yourself :)

Also, introducing a new category for the blog that is 90% NOT baby related :: Home Designs


miralatiff said...

OMG..I'm so in with house porn right now! tengah cari idea to do some interior design for my house (arghh remind me that I owe entry post about me moving to the new house)..
Thank You Dayang..I memang cari website2 macam ni sekarang..I tengah cari idea nak decorate my study room. Project start bila I balik Malaysia nanti..=)

Mummylicious said...

your are welcome fellow house porn lovaah! haha. dah lama i tengok sites ni, but never had a reason to share...until....ermm very very recently. *cannot announce anything yet!* muahaha