Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Birth of Baby PP

A very overdue post but better late than never, right right? Riighhht. Plus, need a post that is related to a certain video i promised some friends i will post up (i must have been high on post pregnancy hormones to give THAT promise!) 

Flashback to 11-12 October 2009:: 
the day(s) Mummylicious went into the labour room and 
Baby PP's arrival into this world

The Birth Plan ::

Normal birth and gas as pain reliever. 

What happened ::

Induced at 40 weeks, non-stop contractions with only 3cm dilation, epidural  to save energy for the labour that was a loooong way to go. Epidural again after the first needle went through a vein or something. 10 hours after that, dilation was at 6cm. Baby PP in distress. Emergency C-Section performed. ..... that is why a birth plan is called, a plan. Things don't always go the way you want it to go.

Why? ::

My gynea, Dr Tang gave a suggestion that I were to induce my delivery. I was at my heaviest weight, a whooping total of 68KG! That's 20kg increase from my pre-pregnancy weight. Baby PP was at 40 weeks. Not exactly late but her estimated weight was at 3.9 kg at 38 weeks. 

Combined with my weight and baby's weight, Dr Tang was not comfortable with the idea of this little petite girl delivering a huge baby. Plus, I've had some complications that were affecting me (not baby) before that. Lets just say they were bleeding down under eh? Nothing serious but very painful that walking, sitting and sleeping was near impossible.Dr Tang feared that it was because my body was struggling with the weight of the baby and more complications would arise if we were to wait. 

Before Child (B.C)
11 OCTOBER 2009

A future to be mother must always prepare herself before a child comes into this world
In my case i prepared by

 doing my hair, have a manicure and pedicure and doing A FACIAL! 
seriously, since i know when I was giving birth, these are such MUST DO activities before delivery.

After having one last dinner as just the two and half of us. We checked in into our 'hotel' room
or what we thought a couple of nights. 

Post induce. Pre Epidural. Lots of walking around listening to other people giving birth until Daddylicious couldnt handle it anymore.

I, the demented penguin. Dancing help with the contraction pain!!! Daddylicious thinks its funny.

12 OCTOBER 2009
The pregnant one on the bed. The supportive spouse on the chair. 

FACT: while having my non stop contractions, I gave Daddylicious a back massage because of his 'back pain'.
Seriously, sympathy pain is annoying. During pregnancy, I had the nausea, Daddylicious did the vomiting. Now I was having contractions, he was having severe back pain. siigghhh

The Drama ::
Post epidural. Finally manage to sleep around 5am. Woke up at 11am after hearing loud alarming beeps from the baby heart rate and contraction monitor. 
Dr Tang, my gynea was called in and she had a look. I was monitored more frequently after that and while i was trying to calm myself by going on FACEBOOK!!!

1.00PM ::
alarming beeps came again and Dr Tang also came back in and said it was too risky to wait as Baby PP been in distress too many times.  

1.30PM :: 
I was being wheeled into the OT. Daddylicious was so worried and dare i shock that he didn't know he was not to follow me into the OT for the emergency C-sec. 

1.50pm ::
Baby PP came out in with a pop!
Dr Soraya, Baby PP's pead immediately brought her to my side. "Its really is a girl!" I said. Immediately checked her toes and fingers and gave her a kiss before Baby PP was whisked off to be weighted and cleaned. 

All the while...i was trembling uncontrollably from the side effect of high dose of epidural that was given to me as soon as we entered the OT and my arms were lying spread out on the operating table. I could not touch my baby with my hands but I can only see her and hear her very loud but beautiful cries. 

I just couldn't stop smiling and trying to twist my head to see Baby PP somewhere behind me. 
Soon after, she was given back to me for a kiss byebye. So i kissed and kissed her before she was wheeled out to her own recovering session. 

But not before Daddylicious had a minute with her once she was out of the OT doors. (And took that first photo). Daddylicious said he screwed up whatever he was supposed to read to her.
Sigh...emo daddy.

See the sudden peaks at the baby monitor graph....NOT good.

4.00PM ::
Finally at around 4PM i was out from the OT recovering room. 
Finally...i saw Daddylicious nervously waiting for me in front of the OT. 
But still...I could not see Baby PP. She was still in the recovering room to neutralise her body heat. Apparently, they must do this for 4 hours after a C-sec baby comes out. 
...4 hours after giving birth to Baby PP, i still could not hold her.

6.00PM ::
After the longest of wait, Baby PP was wheeled in into the room. Tok Bah iqamah Baby PP again since Daddylicious admitted to screwing it up earlier. :P
FINALLY 4 hours after I gave birth to Baby PP, i held her in my arms. Counted her fingers and toes again. Looked at her face. Just...gazed at her. Until my mom asked me to give her milk.

Hearing Baby PP cry her (then) oh so sweet cry and holding her the first time.

Princess Peanut real name was let known  as
Danya Zafirah 

12 October 2009
1:50 PM @ 3.31 kg
(I really had a hard time not to let people know her chosen name before birth :P )

It seems like it was yesterday she was given to us, now she is 13 months old.


miralatiff said...

That penguin dance is so comel la..but it really help to ease contraction pain kan??

I rase macam I ada dalam labor room tu with you while reading your entry ni..sebab dah ade experience so dah boleh nak picture all the drama..=)

Suhana said...

Hahaha, the penguin dance is funny! your post made me tear...cause it reminded me of my experience! especially the joy of hearing the little one cry out...:) i go again. must be the hormones.

my husband said i looked like a psychotic woman during contractions. i laid on my side, clutching the metal bar and started rocking back and forth saying 'subhanallah' repeatedly. Thank God he didn't have a camera on him!!!

::Ida:: said...

haahaha.. one question.. why now???
okay okay.. better late than never :P
i thought this post gonna be related to PP's 1st birthday! (sooo eager to see how's the party went)

Mummylicious said...

ida: it is related. how to have first birthday photos up without the story of her birth being told right?
anyway, official party photo belum dapat :(

su: at least he didnt have a camera! be thankful. haha

mira: it does! dancing while having contraction does help!

haha there are more drama photos and videos with me crying masuk OT. It was hard when you expected your hubby to be there during the birth then suddenly told he couldnt be there. and birth not going to plan. Went thru post natal depression for that but its all good. talking about it does help.

Marsha~ said...

comelnye peguin dance tu... hehehehehe

Ti Yaya said...

Hello! update la!

Mummylicious said...

(Several years later......)

Hi! Dah update! Hehehe