Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales at KL Convention Center

My Princesses really been bombarded by Disney's princesses in the month of October. First there was PP's 5th birthday party which theme was Disney Princesses....and on last Sunday, they went to Disney Live concert! part was, I DIDN'T HAVE TO GO! weehooooo...

Sometimes...a parent need to take a break from all parenting work and let the aunties and uncles in your kid's lives for parents' sanity   a family bonding session. It was a birthday present from GrandNa and Tiyah. Me and The Daddy's job was for pick up only. And that what we did....but of course, post concert, we received lots of reviews on the "BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!" as said by the now five years old PP. Berapa banyak "best day of my life!" daa??! 

Now let's have a look of photos from the show, and post show and basically how the day went.
(It's photo blog time!)

Princess Cinderella was late for her ball! Hurry hurry, let's go to the show!

My two Princesses with their "Uncle" Kaiser

Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales focused on three Disney Princesses, Snow White, Cinderella and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The show began with Disney's first ever Princess, Snow White.

If they had told the whole Disney Princesses fairy tales, it would have been a 6 hours show with an auditorium of either hyped up kids high on sugar or a show full of tantrum throwing parents  kids.

The seven Dwarfs, Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Forgetful and Dopey
(Yes, I fail as a mother. I can't remember the sixth Dwarf)

Then the show moved on to the story of Cinderella. 
I wish I have my own fairy Godmother.....

Even through the photo....I am in LOVE with the costumes. Look at Cinderella's skirt as she twirls.
Report from my sister aka Tiyah said PP was saying "She's wearing my dress!".
Note: My little observant 1 and half years old, Bambam apparently noticed Snow White was wearing the same dress as her. She was reported to look up at Snow White and back down to her dress multiple time. Ah bless.

INTERMISSION. I have no idea when this happen but there was intermission. And good aunty Tiyah got PP some cotton candy. and they went shopping....of course. 

My little Cinderella with her "Uncle" Kaiser. 
I have no idea why there are no photos of the actual aunty in here. 

And of course, the last of the three Princesses for the show, we have Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Weeeeeee! Confetti bomb for the closing!
Overall, according to my daughter, it was a good show. She will want to go again. (sigh)

Princess Cinderella went to a Disney show and out of all the places PP wanted to pose was here. 
HAPPY DEEPAVALI to my friends who celebrates this beautiful festival of lights!

My other princess, Princess Snow White aka Bambam was too busy drinking her milk to pose. 
And Tiyah gave PP snowcones.


Mummylicious spotted an old friend as I waited at KLCC for the girls to walk from KL Convec. Time to gossip lah without the kids around. 

Post-Show, the unhappy Cinderella when we changed her glass slippers into her silver shoes. 

My second little monster princess, Princess Snow White aka Bambam

Post show snack time! 

Prince Raziq eyeing my Bambam. Aipppp! Aipppp!!

Drama alert!
Princess Snow White, Bambam was not happy with Prince Raziq. 

Dear Evil Queen, I have found Snow White for you. She was having fun escaping her mummy.

Bambam the Snow White had fun running around a big huge supermall and holding on to mummy for a photo was not high on her list of things to do.

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