Monday, October 27, 2014

The Mummylicious Family Update

Obviously being on a hiatus for yeaaaarsss means a LOT have happened in between those years.

1. PP is now 5. She's 5! Time sure pass quickly.
2. PP have a sister...we call her Bambam in the social media world.
3. I had a major miscarriage.... which was one of the reason I felt I needed to restart my blogging.
4. Lots of birthday parties were planned
5. Lots of DIY project were made
6. LOTS of travelling were done with and without the children.

So, do I have new contents to make me go crazy and procrastinate blogging from the sheer amount of things to share? Sure do! .......

He...He. ..He. ...

Now how do I add pics to this post via Blogger app on android. Oppss. ..never mind,  got it

1 comment:

Fiza Hanif said...

"Daddy lost more hair" - hahahaha!
Welcome back mummylicious! ;)