Monday, October 27, 2014

Testing out Bloggeroid on an Android

We are constantly on the phone. I may not blog as much, but I constantly update my instagram @xdaliv and my Facebook statuses quite a bit. (Told ya I'm still aliveeee).

So it seems like a natural move that in order to restarting a dead/ dormant blog is to find ways to be able to blog on the move. Or in the case of Malaysians....when you're stuck in traffic (as a passenger!) With nothing to do but stare at your neighbouring car driver digging their nose.

For Blogspot users, for now I've only found 2 apps.

1. Blogger
Th official app for Bloggers all around.

2. Bloggeroid
Which I am testing out now.

Which is better...Too early to say. Will update in that as the process to re kicking my butt. blog is too soon. Like. Erm 5 mins ago. Or less.

●**Labels**: can't find how to add tag/labels on Bloggeroid. Used Blogger to add tag/label on a post written in Bloggeroid. Norm or brain lag? 

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