Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby gets bullied by daddylicious

Daddylicious decided that her pjyamas are too long for her when she was 7 months old, so Daddylicious wanted to help out by doing this...

My little bounded legs baby

Now Baby PP is 8 months old and 2 weeks old, Daddylicious is up to his bullying tactics again, but this time...the arms got it.

"Erm daddy? What happened? ....*struggle weird struggle*"
"Oh hey! *happyhappy* i can munch on this knot!" "Munchmunch nom nom nom"
"Ok now i really want to my arms out!"

"Mummy? Can you help me out?"

Making deals with Mummy. Mummylicious get Baby PP's arms out, and Mummylicious gets a kiss!
"Ohhh thank you mummy! i love you mummy i love you i love you. Kiss kiss kiss kiss"
Mummylicious got her very wet sloppy reward by kisses on the nose, chin..whole face

Baby PP happy that she is now a free baby to roam wherever she wants to roam*
*limited to on the bed only
"Humph Daddy, take that!"

That's all the update of the weekend. it has been a busy tiring crazy weekend so need to sleep although gazillion post should be done but I am not up to it. Good night and have a good monday everyone!

Now lets all sleep like a baby!


::Ida:: said...

awwww isnt pp just too adorable?

well hariz loovessss kissing my knee.. i dont know why.. (-_-)

Miss Lili@ said...

hi dayang, been receiving notification in fb now and then re baby's clothing, didn't realise its yours ! :)

anyway, love love LOVE reading your blog.. its like reading a parenting book, only its more personal hence enable me to relate myself to some extent if not entirely.. keep on writing k ! =)

oh yeah, smooches for baby PP ! xoxo

Mummylicious said...

ida: sebab tu je dia boleh capai for now kut. haha

Lili: tu saje2 je. geram nak beli for Baby PP, might as well sell. as a contact said to me "duit susu baby" :P

Thank you. mmg aim macam parenting book but of course la based on my experience. I blame all my references ie looonng posts to my formal training.

Noticed as new moms, we need as much info as possible when it comes to our babies. n most helpful when other mothers experience the same thing and then end up like birds in water. Dunno waaat to dooo! haha.

miralatiff said...

kesian baby PP kena ikat macam tu..=(

hehe..sometimes my husband pon suka sangat bully my son..kesian but in the same time I feel enjoy watching it..=)

Baby PP dah start teething..She's kissing your nose or bite your nose?? cute!