Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mummylicious is not missing, just lazy

Why Mummylicious gone missing

1. Tried uploading gazillion videos of Baby PP crawling and I gave up hence, in frustration I just went "GAHHH!!!" to blogging
2. Backtracking takes time and effort. Lots of effort. Just thinking of all the effort required got me tired.
3. Baby PP started teething, crawling, standing up = lack of sleep, lack of energy, just wanted to be lazy
4. Started and finally finished playing Assassin Creed 2 on Xbox. (with an active baby around).
5. Got lazy
6. Started reading a book a day for weeks. 

But I'm back! and hopefully the gazillion videos and photos of Baby PP that have been collected for ermm MONTHS will be posted up soon.

and hopefully with me posting this one up, will encourage me to restart the blogging engine again because seriously, Baby PP have grown up so much and Mummylicious is being irresponsible by not keeping track of her very important milestones! bad mummy! baddd!


::Ida:: said...

welcome back mummy!!!!
been wondering mane lah pegi si mummylicous ni.. lost ur modjo to blog eh.. yeah.. happened once in awhile ONCE you didnt update ur blog for few days.. terus takde idea nak blog :P

so what r u waiting for?? feed ur with pp's milestones will ya? :P

Mummylicious said...

idea belambak. problem is when there are too many ideas, everything just go into draft. haha

i didnt even have the time (and the will) to post about PP finally getting a high chair at home! :P