Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby and her cries

"No paparazzi please"

Totally random post while waiting for sahur. 

My family (and myself) makes fun of Baby PP cries all the time. Yes, we are that mean. But when strangers makes fun of her public cries...that is when i kinda begin to think...her cries are rather special. 

Most babies cry "Waaaaaaa waaaaaaa" or something like that lah.
But not Baby PP. Not when she wants milk..or just want attention

We were at Curve last weekend for breaking of iftar. Baby PP was hungry and all the way to the nursing room she was crying past the throngs of parents and other babies on the baby and children inflirated floor.

Baby PP: " Adeeeeeey! Adeeey!!! Adeeey!!"
Mummylicious: "Yes Adeey Adey, just a bit further"
Other parents: "alaaahai..."adeeeey adeeey" dia nangis" while smiling and laughing
Baby PP: " Adeeeey!!! Adeeey!!" oblivious to people laughing at her.
Mummylicious just hoped there was a spare nursing room

How does your baby cries? "Uwaa waaa" doesn't cut it anymore for modern babies?


::Ida:: said...

seriously adeyy??
take a video!!! i pon nak dengar!!!
must be kalakar!!! lmao
hariz normal cries.. not waaa.. but ekkkkkk... ekkkkkkkk:P

J.A.D said...

my baby starts his cry mcm nak start enjin kereta ehek ehek ehek ehek whaaaaaaa

The Womanish said...

adey adeyyy is better than ayoooo ayoooo...tu nanti lain plak dgr bunyi nya :)

al said...

I do agree her cries are different than others. i can actually recognise her cries from far now.. LOL! nanny yg cekap....

Mummylicious said...

ida: my video taknak load on youtube. so feedup. not sure ada video or not pun. hmm must get it on vid. but so jahat! haha

JAD: tu warm up katanya.

womanish: haha yahh better than ayoo!

Aunty Al: you are the bestest nanny ever! other than her Tiyah :P
amik hati amik hati