Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby is Mummylicious Little Model

I've always love these crochet hats. Practical? Maybe not but it does help with making Baby PP look like a girl once in awhile :)

So i got half a dozen of these hats to sell on my Yummylicious Baby blogshop (yaaaahh a little publicity for meself! :P ) and Baby PP decided that she will help Mummy out and model one. 

Tadah the final picture that I decided was good enough for public viewing. Ain't she adorable? (i know i am biased but which parent isnt? ) 

Unfortunately, this is the only hat she is interested in modelling..the rest. Hah! it didn't last a second on her. So maybe i should get this for her? we shall see if no one buys this, then it is hers!

If you are interested in purchasing this hat for your little angel or other baby and toddler clothes, do drop by me humble shop at

Here are other photos of Baby PP modelling the crochet hats. Might as well put them up because it took a lot of energy to take these photos! AAAAARGHH taking photo of a crawling baby is the best exercise ever! 

Plus, using 50mm 1:4 lenses with a crawling baby moving back and forth and sideways made mummy moving every second to get the right focus and framing.  Not the easiest lense to use with an overactive baby. 

Eh..and yah she is crawling now. I missed to post that milestone...but I WILL!!! 


 My little cheeky baby girl

 "Mummy, I am tired. I'm just gonna lie down near you....must you still take my photo? Im not gonna smile okay..this is my ANTM's "editorial look" pose"
 Back to work baby!
Earning her paycheck

So busy crawling and looking for a spot to pose until we have a missing sock situation

 A little drool with a little smile

"Ahh finally time to rest and eat my missing sock and Tiyah's hair"
Post photoshoot

 Post photoshoot. Must review photos with PA

 Playing Peek-a-Boo with Tiyah the Baby PP-smile maker while Mummy tunggang terbalik (tumbling all over) taking photos of Baby PP. Its not easy taking photo of a crawling baby!



Athirah said...

Official smile maker must also get paycheck.

::Ida:: said...

love the 1st photo!
totally look the part! :D
luckily u put your watermark there..
or else orang boleh copy tau :P

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!