Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anniversary post

Somewhen last month during my-im-too-tired-to-blog stage, Mummylicious and Daddylicious celebrated our second year wedding anniversary. 

TWO years! 

I think there's a joke somewhere that if you are a guy, 2 years of marriage = 20 years of aging. But since I am a woman, i won't go there :P

Three years ago I wasnt even with Daddylicious. He was not...hmm as the "young ones" would say , my boyfriend. He was a very good friend that been with me through the heartaches and the toothaches and the happyaches since I knew him. Merely 3 years ago I would not imagine I would be married to him.A year, changed all that. we are celebrating our second year anniversary together and with a little naughty (then) 9 months old daughter, Baby PP. 

Who would have thought that? If someone said to me 5 years ago when I first got to know Daddylicious

"Mummylicious, in 5 years time, you will be married to him and have cheeky monster together"

I'd probably give that person my evil stare and said "you crazy.yucks". 

But God have a funny sense of humour. God said "I know you think he is everything you do not want your husband to be, but I have chosen him as your husband because he is what you need." And with one clear dream after 7 nights of prayers for guidance, I woke up knowing, with no more doubt about ruining our friendship, he is my match.

He was, he still is my best friend. Someone that i can be myself with and he still won't run away screaming. Someone who is my yin when i am all yang. Someone who i don't have to call "abaaaaaannnggg" and act like the docile wife that i am not. Someone who is a friend foremost and a husband second. my view, that works better.

So here are my anniversary promises to Daddylicious
I promise
There would be much more one-sided fights between us.  
There would be more nonsensical arguments from me.
There would be more challenges that we must overcome.
But I know, you know
There would also be more laughter over a cup of coffee
There would also be silly banters over my crappy Kelantanese attempts
There would also be a deeper understanding of the meaning of the love between us.

I also promise, with handbags every year, you have you budu supply

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::Ida:: said...

happy belated 2nd annie!!! :)
when is ur date to be exact?
i think.. we have almost the same date with out wedding n when our baby was born lah.. mcm dekat2 je :P

our 2nd anniversary is today!!! :P