Friday, November 07, 2014

How to make GOLD fonts on Photoshop

As some of you may realise, Mummylicious Diary have a new header. (YAY, ME!). It is part of the revamping of the blog and not the final look, but it is a start eh? 

And some of you may want to do this too, why not share the how-tos on how I redesign my header in a couple of minutes. It is super easy even for a photoshop newbie. Heck, this tutorial is meant for newbies. or someone needing a refresher. This blog post took much longer than the header itself.

So with just a few steps, you too can have images with tinges of metallics (until metallic goes out of fashion again).


Step 1: Look for a gold (or any metallic or images, really) background that you like. 
Make sure it is NOT copyrighted and can be used freely. Bad, blogger bad if you don't comply to this. 

I found a couple of useful websites for gorgeous gold background picking, HERE and HERE.

Step 2: Download the free and appropriately licensed image and save it somewhere on your computer.

Step 3: Decide or find out the size of your image. (Skip this step if it is non header/ restricted sizing related)

If you use Blogger, all you have to do is go to BLOGGER DASHBOARD > TEMPLATE > CUSTOMIZE > ASJUST WIDTH. 

As you can see...I did this after I did the new Mummylicious Diary header. Don't be me. Check the width before doing things. 

Step 4: Open Photoshop and create new file. 

Name it > I want GOLD font - whatever your heart desire. 
Width it > Preset or custom. Since mine was for the Blogger header, it had to be custom. 
And as per my blog width, I used 950 px.
Height it > 300 px is good enough for me.
Resolution > 300 px. 
Background content > I like using transparent. It is just easier to switch things around later. 

Again...whatever your heart desire, dearies. 

Step 5: Use any font / fonts you like. Use many or use one. This was where my time was wasted. Choosing A.ONE.UNO.JUST ONE. font that can best showcase the gold foil lettering.

If you want to use one font all around but only want ONE word to be in gold, make sure that ONE word is in a separate font layer. 

Step 6: Open your selected, downloaded and licensed appropriated gold / metallic/ any image background. 

Step 7:  Drag the gold background layer onto the document you want to be GOLD-ified. 

Step 8: Adjust the gold layer to be DIRECTLY ABOVE the font layer you wish to make gold. 

Step 9: Make sure the gold layer covers the fonts you wish to make gold entirely. 

Step 10: Two-finger tap or Right click mouse on the gold layer or / Go to LAYER > CREATE CLIPPING MASK

Ahhh...CLIPPING MASK. This is where the magic really is.  

Step 11: Tadah! GOLD FONTS! The end. 
How super easy was that?! 

This was me adding more things on the header. and playing with multiple fonts. Whatever the case, make sure the gold layer is directly above the font layer you want to be gold. 

Step 12: Oh yeah, You want to save your file before anything ;)

Choose your poison but I always save it in two ways, .PSD and .PNG

So there you have it. Easy peasy really. Let me know if you find my tutorial useful and share me links on where you have use it! 

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