Thursday, November 06, 2014

Rash Alert: Henoch-Schönlein Purpura Part 3, The Update

The day after we went to the ER for the evaluation of PP's rash and joint pains, we had a visit with the peadtrician, Dr Ali. This is not her normal Pead...Dr Sanjay's schedule was too full for an appointment that morning and since Dr Ali was available, off we went to see him instead.

Once we were seated, I did not mention my strong suspicion on PP having HSP. I let the good doctor inspect her first, told him what lead to the rash and pain. And as he was looking at her rashes, he just said "it is Henoch-Schonlein Purpura"....

Never doubt a mother's instinct ya'all.

He asked for a blood test to be made, to which I said it was done the night before and handed him the results. So he hurm and hmm as he looked at the test and said ok, good. And he explained to us what it all meant.....aaannddddd I can't remember what he said but it's a good result lah! So alright.

Then he asked for PP to go for a urine test. Just to confirm there are no blood in her urine that cannot be detected under the naked eye. 

Why is it so easy for kids to want to pee when you are out shopping, especially when you are at one end of a mall and the toilet is waaaaaaaay on the other end but when they need to pee in a cup in a hospital, it takes them ages? WHY?!!! 

It was hard, it took hours, we even composed a song about it, to the tune of Farmer in the dell, the nursery rhyme,

"We're peeing in a cup, Peeing in a cup, hei ho dilly O, we're peeing in a cup!" 
Mummylicious' version

"We're peeing in a cup, Peeing in a cup, hei ho dilly O, we're peeing in a cup! with Ice cream and Milo and the sun comes up!" PP's version. Don't ask me why there's icrecream and sun in the lyrics. 

By the time we managed to get a small but sufficient amount of urine to be tested, the Paedtrician was off for his wardround or lunch. So we were told to just head home and his clinic will call us with the results.

Couple of days later, Dr Ali personally called me back to confirm, URINE IS CLEAR!
Never have I been so ecstatic to hear news about pee. #motherhood
But of course, I was informed to bring my daughter to the doctor again if

  1. PP's joint pain worsen < it did not. YAY!
  2. any abdominal pain < there are none so far. YAY!
  3. any blood in urine and/or stool < happy to report there have been no pink tinged pee and/or poo. YAY! 
Update after 5 days:

Rash aka Purpura have cleared leaving PP's leg with small dark marks that doesn't seem to be permanent. No scarring! Yay! 

Small bruises of multiple colours and tones are still around

Update after 8 days:

Usually if it is a bad case of HSP, abdominal pain / kidney issues will crop up about now. 
SO far....Nothing. Yay!

A few number of new red rash aka Purpura have surfaced between the disappearing one, but super minor, Mummylicious not so concern about it. Especially since PP have not complained of ANY joint pains. seems to be a minor case. Mummylicious and The Daddy are continuing to monitor PP but I think the worse have past (cross fingers and toes). Thank you for your prayers and doas, aunties and uncles, I do sincerely appreciate it. 

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