Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kim K and her Special Hermes Kelly

via Instagram

Poor moms have expensive handbags under lock and keys so it can be protected from the little monsters, I mean...little kids grimy hands and ever so easily found permanent markers and/or crayons.

Rich moms hands over their super duper expensive handbags to their toddler for a custom designed bag.

I am not a rich mom....but only if my child is super talented, then maybe...maybe then I'll hand over one of my white bags for them to draw on as they please.

Oh I don't have any white handbags. Oh it's okay...If I were a rich mom, I would buy a super duper expensive white handbag just for my kids to draw on.

Ok you know what...maybe not. Kids buy their own handbags if you want to scribble on it yeah? don't touch mummy's. 

Ps.btw.fyi: not judging Kim K in anyway. I think her North designed Hermes Kelly is kinda cute. Excessive display of motherly  love right there. Does Victoria Beckham have a Hermes doodled by Harper? I wonder......


Farah Izza Shafik said...

found out about ur blog though lizzies.. hope to get to know u better.. :)

Mummylicious said...

Welcome welcome! Hope you wont hate me! :)