Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mummylicious wants to splurge: Chanel 2.55 Classic

My birthday is coming up *hinthint* and I have been wondering what to get for myself this year. One should always selfishly treat oneself once a year with obscene present. This year Euro is down down down! so the present to myself is even more obscene than usual, plus i never spent my wedding dowry money and as all Muslim women should know, your dowry money is yours and yours alone. No one  can take it from you and tell you what to do with it. So with a willing friend living in Ireland, (lova ya babe for doing this!) i am to get one of these...but which one? Help me! 

More specifically, Chanel 2.55 classic caviar regular? or Chanel 2.55 classic caviar jumbo? Regular or Jumbo? A real dilemma. Moi, is petite..but i do love my big handbags so size in comparison to my body is a non-issue.


 Celebrities with regular sized Chanel 2.55


Celebrities with jumbo sized Chanel 2.55

Regular is at €1,750 which based on my iMac's currency converter is approximately RM 7,491.65 (with tax)

Jumbo is at €2,020 which based on my iMac's currency converter is approximately RM 8,647.51 (with tax) Thats...more than a thousand ringgit in it worth it though? what is the difference if i buy in Malaysian boutique? I dont know.....never tried to ask....

What is the price in Malaysia? add a couple of thousand. And those prices are before VAT deduction of 17.35%. Worth it? yes if its the bag you have been wanting for ages but too scared to buy because i'm kedekut. Yes i am stingy with money when it comes to myself and my own money but special. this is the time. I will not back down from my own insistense to save money!!!!

Plus, which colour should it be? Black? Beige? or RED!? Classic colours. Classic colours making me crazy to choose. 
 Chanel 2.55 classic caviar in black

Chanel 2.55 classic caviar in beige


Chanel 2.55 classic caviar in red like this carried by Mummylicious Nicole Ritchie

I like black handbags. I also have loooads of black handbags. but black goes with anything.
I like beige too..but track record says beige is bad cause i get too careless with beige. Maybe Daddylicious can get me beige later? *reminder reminder to Daddylicious's promise :P
I like ladies that carries RED handbag. such statement of confidence. such statement for a handbag. but I am low key person. You wont know my handbags brands if you dont know handbags...except for couple which logos cant be hidden. So to carry RED 2.55 is just screaming LOOK AT MY HANDBAG! i want that? but it is for me. i do like it. and it is Chanel.

 The inside of Chanel 2.55 lambskin
via stylefrizz

Ain't the red  burgundy lining inside pretty??? (though when I talk to my husband, it's easier to say red than burgundy. coz MEN!)  but that's only for lambskin though. Caviar you'd get black lining.
So why caviar? why not lambskin? because Mummylicious gets pretty careless with her handbags.  Chocolate and candy melting in bags, key scratches, ink stains....yeah. I am one of those people that can get any stain on anything....this is Pre-PP. Lambskin requires too much TLC that she can't give. plus with my possibility and track records of doing all those things Pre-PP, i don't know how Post-PP. Without future heartache and tears, caviar it is.

So help? what are YOUR thoughts on this?!

On another note about Chanel. I think putting Lily Allen as their spokesperson really lowers Chanel brand value. I mean...its Lily Allen, not exactly the epitome of class and elegance is she?
Clarification: I love Lily Allen, but when I think of her or Chanel. She does not pop up. I think she is better suited to be the face of YSL or a more Rock N Roll brand. 

Classic elegance and poise. Only one person have this. and its not the one with the tiara.

My third post for today and yet nothing to do with PP! but everything to do with Mummylicious! Hahaha. Mummy's sanity is important too and posting nothing about PP helps her sanity!...except when it comes to Tiyah's post...who is still barging in my room and flung herself onto my bed and telling me banal things about her conversations of the day....SHE NEED FRIENDS....that was for her benefit. Honestly, if you have a newborn and wonders how she would be when she is 5...or 21 years old in my sister's case, i can lend her to you. would know. Any takers?

For more on the history of this GORGEOUS, never out of style bag, read this Stylefrizz article. Mucho informative.


marikosan said...

i like the red, go for red!!

Mummylicious said...

red. colour "berahi". :P

Brenda Saria said...

i have been eye-ing this bag since like forever too! unfortunately with so many commitments, i feel soo terrible for parting so much dough for a hubby will kill me! haha. I would've chosen the black jumbo! :)

Anonymous said...

Err...the lining was never red. It's burgundy. Do your homework? ;)

Anonymous said...

your comment on lily allen in really rude! and rather judgmental. If chanel had their way, they would make the bags so expensive that no one who was anything less than famous or super rich could buy the bags, hence their prices increases as they think its becoming to common a bag. so before you make judgemental comments, just think chanel think you and every other normal person is too classless and common to own this bag.

Kpriss said...

Sorry to bother you, but I couldn't help but notice you took out the picture I had put together for this article and paste it in your story - could it be possible for you to either take it out or simple write a mention underneath it as it's coming from Stylefrizz? Should you feel like checking it out, my story was written and published in 2007 and it's here:

Thank you ever so much!

Mummylicious said...

In all honesty, it is burgundy. But burgundy is a tone of red too....hehe I just find it simpler to say red. Plus it's easier to explain to husband on colours....but you are right, correct name is burgundy :)

Mummylicious said...

My apologies for
1. Late reply. Been on super hiatus
2. Using your image without permission or link. A mention amd a link to your article will be added pronto!

Mummylicious said...

Dear Lily Allen fan,
I never mean to be rude towards her. In my personal opinion, I, me, myself do not find her to be the right fit as the face of Chanel at that time. I personally love her as a musician. I find her charming, quirky,fun, and with an edge of rock and roll. I jiggle to her songs all the time. Her image as an artist is better suited for other brands like I dunno...YSL, Louboutin even Prada. Just didn't seems right for her to represent Chanel. She looks fantastic wearing and using Chanel but not as THE face. We can agree to disagree on that.

As for me and every normal person being too classless and common to own a Chanel.....i rather not insult us commoners. History have shown that insulting the common people can topple the hierarchy of thing.