Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mummylicious wants to splurge: in Chanel Paris Rue Cambon?!

Oh Daddylicious, why do you tempt me so. 

Yes, he is tempting me with a trip to Paris. Da cetee of lovaah (my useless fake french accent trying to say the city of lovers). Or is that description is for Venice? Paris is the city of lights ain't it?

Anyway, last night i was about to do some cash transactions through Western Union to send the obscene amount of money to my friend to buy me the ridiculously priced but so coveted Chanel bag that will drain my personal savings...immensely. When suddenly...Daddylicious asked 

"why don't we go to Paris next year? Extend from Italy (that 7 and half are probably going) and we go to Paris just the 3 of us" .....heart.stopped. 

Two facts about my dream of Chanel 2.55

1.  I will buy my own Chanel classic 2.55 with my own money one day.
2. I will buy my own Chanel classic 2.55 with my own money one day at Chanel Paris Rue Cambon...the mothership. THE MOTHERSHIP!
 That would be me. In Paris. In front of Chanel Rue Cambon
image from Europeforvisitors.com

Mummylicious "You serious? Meaning instead of getting it now from (insert friend's name), i can get it myself from Rue Cambon? You have to be absolutely sure about this. You serious, serious?!"
Daddylicious "Yeah, we plan it now, when we go to Italy in Feb next year with the rest of the family, we head to Paris for an extra week"
Mummylicious "....and what if Italy trip gets cancelled and we ended up in Istanbul in Dec?"
Daddylicious "I'll try. but we still go to Paris. We go Airasia London then Paris"
Mummylicious "London too!!! You try?! I want to have confidence in you! Try = no confidence = i get my chanel now. but actual 100% committed = confidence going to Paris = I CAN GET MY CHANEL AT THE MOTHERSHIP!!!! and not just stare at the window and take photos outside."
Daddylicious "Ok. committed. now go research so I can budget accordingly"

GAH!!!! ........and this was when I was just about to email my friend for her bankaccount no. Other things i must consider...Euro exchange. is low low low now..but what about in Feb 2011? GAAAAHH! Still have 2 weeks to consider. Still have 2 weeks to bug and poke Daddylicious with "Are you serious about Paris?". 

What should i doooooo? gah gah gah gah. As if it wasnt enough it took me 3 years to actually have the courage to want to buy it..now a delay in decision making.

What would you do? 
Get the bag now through someone else? 
Or ......get it yourself at Paris Rue Cambon? 

ps: As if i can buy 2 Chanel bags within less than a year. Dream on. So its one time only. Well...in this direct future.
pps: I've decided 2.55 Black Jumbo. because.....i already kinda have a black lambskin regular but not classic design....
pps: this would be my second trip to Paris but I. so. love. it!

IF i decide to get it in Paris..the price increases (euro exchange or otherwise). Daddylicious is responsible to pay for the extras. 
and IF i decide to not get it now and get it in Paris and Paris trips gets cancelled. I will kill you Daddylicious. Consider yourself warned.


Athirah Rosli said...

i will follow you to paris. u need a babysitter.i shall be there.just dont leave me in the catacombs.and again, i will be there if i have to annoy papa day in and day out.

ika said...

just for ur info. in summer. the price goes up!! since euro and pond is going down!!! according to wani!! haha

Mummylicious said...

the price goes up EVERY year. what's new in that? I hope euro goes down even lower. I hope it remains low till next year! cuba tanya chicken :P