Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally Eid Photos!

There were so many stories to tell about Eid with Baby PP. There's the story about her and the lost lambs and the story of her and cats. and the escaping maggosteen!

I  promise i will post about those...(once i figure out how to settle my video issues with youtube) among others. but for now, a post filled with the general happenings for the first couple of days of Eid. 

*Most of the photos were taken with Canon 40D 50mm 1:4 lense. It was a special celebration so the big guns came out

Baby PP woke up to find Mummylicious went for Eid morning prayers. 
Mummylicious came home to find her smiling at me while being bathe by her Aunty Wawa
and then wearing her diamond necklace she got from her 'Fairy-Godmothers'

Baju kurung for the day made specially by Daddylicious's mom, my MIL, Baby PP's grandmother, Tok Mi. Shoes to match Mummy's!

She got her first ang pow while having her breakfast! She was really curious on its content and the ang pow itself. ....except when Daddylicious gave one to her...but when Uncle Adri came and gave her the big money...she gladly took it! maybe because it was without the angpow package. hmmmm...

Official family photoshoot.
We really really tried everything to make her smile.

Then we resorted to just take photos like these.

 Milestone alert!
Baby PP at 11 months old finally learn how to move her legs to 'walk'.

Time to ask for forgiveness.
Baby PP does not want to shake anyones hands.
Only recently she is willing....if Mummy does it first :)

 Then we let her loose and she happilly played with herself and the main door's grille.

 My little baby's antics during raya. 
From 'praying', sleeping at once after 2 minutes car drive, 
going through everyones handbags, 
eating mangosteen and of course...
raya cookies sessions. She does love her bread and cookies!

Why i don't have any beadings on my new baju kurung. 
See what she is doing with one of my pre-pregnancy baju that i manage to fit into!
(just wanted to say that! muahaha)

 Tutu crazy during the second day. 

With the Kelantan clan.

What happen when Mummy get bored waiting for people for photoshoot? this happen...

Baby PP with her great-grandparents and grandparents from Daddylicious side

With the Great-Grandmother, Tok Mek and her aunties. Yup..including those little girls. Aunties.

Mummylicious and Daddylicious private photoshoot. 
Pretending we are single mingle la konon

Mummylicious and Daddylicious love our beloved Baby PP

Phew! That is finally done!
Weheeehehe can now focus on the birthday party planning posts


miralatiff said...

Comel nyer baju kurung baby PP..I pon baru ada masa nak upload gambar2 raya..Balik Malaysia macam2 benda nak kena buat..balik Nigeria baru ada ample time nak edit and post the entry for raya..

Mummylicious said...

tq tq. tok mami dia jahitkan..but believe it or not...somehow the "kain sarung" is lost...somewhere in the laundry? its like missing socks situation..but now its kain baju kurung. hmmmm

biasala..raya time sibuk. before raya sibuk prepare. after raya sibuk makan. after after raya sibuk procrastinate and feel guilty not putting up photos. skrang baru free time skit. hehehe