Monday, October 11, 2010

The Night Before Syawal

Still backtracking throughout Syawal-slash-Eid

The Night Before 1 Syawal. 

As some of you are aware, i was busy busy making baju kurung for YummyliciousBaby
So hence, the seamstress and all her helpers...including me had to seam our own baju kurung couple of nights before Syawal
And of course Baby PP was there to supervise our work. Must be up to par to her standard!

Baby PP witnessing her first official Eid announcement!

 And then wanted to join in the Eid prayer after the announcement

....Still around..looked for Daddylicious

....Looked for Mummy and found Mummy.

Lighting pelita was eventful when Baby PP kept trying to touch the flame 
and when a bug...dunno what bug...went into my kaftan. 

Then there was the fireworks!  
Let me tell you, 
Baby PP was unperturbed at all by the loud bangs when the 100-das firework went off! 
Thats my little girl!

Finally it was off to bed. But not before messing up Mummylicious's handbag and wallet....
Looking for duit raya?

Next up. the actual day of Syawal and etc
Look....i did not take more than a thousand photos and not putting them up!
If you dont like them photos...i suggest you go away. Pfftt..

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