Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby PP

Pejam celik pejam celik*In a blink of an eye. Baby PP has turned one. 

There are no words to express how happy I am that she is in my life. How priorities in my life have changed just because she is here with me.

Alhamdullilah, thank the Lord for her safe delivery one year ago today and for letting me see her when she took her first breathe and her first look at the world, her first tears and laughter, her first coo and shout, her first crawling steps and standing up. Please give me the chance to share with her, her many other firsts in this life. 

Dearest Baby PP, Mummy and Daddy love you very much. Even with all the "No No No" and the "Naughty naughty girl", we love you. 

Now...back to her birthday party planning! and...tracking back for Raya events. Its really hard! gah~


::Ida:: said...

happy 1 year pp!!!
looking back the day she was born, mesti rasa tak percaya kan its been 1 year!!!!
kinda miss those days...:P

Liz said...

Aiden's Mummy dah pening kepala carik outfit for Danya's party!!!

miralatiff said...

Happy birthday Baby PP!

Mummylicious said...

so fast so fast. tq tq
liz: i guess now its batman?