Friday, October 15, 2010

Pancakes anyone?

I love pancakes. I love making pancakes. When Baby PP gets bigger, i will make pancakes for her...
But i will never be able to make pancakes like this Daddy! What a dedicated Daddy.

Amazing right? I wish i can make these type of pancakes...but highly doubt it. 

Apparently Jim makes pancake to make his daughter sweet and uses natural colouring like cocoa powder for brown batter, strawberry jelly for pink and old tumeric for yellow. No worries of using too much artificial colouring now.

So now i shall go back wasting time, not party planning or anything...just looking at pancakes.


miralatiff said...

Cute nyer all the pancakes..but mesti rasa sayang nak makan pancake comel camtu kan??

Mummylicious said...

cute kan? gila sabar the daddy.
i think adults sayang la nak makan but for kids...SO FUN!!..wish i can make those kind of pancakes..nak buat mickey mouse pun hancur.