Monday, October 11, 2010

Flashback to Eid 2009

I know Eid is like, over but seriously? Did you think i would not be posting photos and reminiscence about bygones Eid? Soooo not gonna happen! So here is the start of backtracking through out Syawal. 

Ps: There was are very good reasons to why i am late with these photos. 

1. Somehow Baby PP managed to delete...YES delete photos from one of the camera. It was already transfered to my laptop that i brought back and yet she deleted them while smacking random things on the laptop...but get was NOT IN THE TRASH! Gah.....thankfully Daddylicious managed to recovered them all...albeit it took some time and looking for free recovering system.

2. Then my laptop refuses to acknowledged the recovered and transfered photos to be uploaded. Harumpph! But...moving on! 

Eid 2008
We celebrated as a married couple for the first time.
Just the two of us

Since my grandmother passive aggressively said "Makmak tutup kunci pintu je la raya ni, bukan sapa nak balik pun" (I will just lock the doors during Eid, there won't be anyone coming home anyway), we made a trip back to MY hometown Alor Star! before heading to Kelantan on the 3rd day :P

Eid 2009
It was our 2nd year Eid as a married couple. 
This time it was just the two and half of us. Half! in my huge tummy!

Since i was 8 months pregnant, a 5 hours trip back to Kelantan was out by flight and by car. OUT! Will not take that risk. So Daddylicious missed his turn to celebrate Eid in his hometown.

Eid 2010
Our 3rd year Eid as a married couple but who cares about that? Its Baby PP's FIRST EID.
Now there are 3 of us!

And Daddylicious FINALLY got to celebrate Eid in his hometown in Kelantan after missing it for 2
 years. So it was the whole family (*sob i have a family!) first time raya in Kelantan!

Do you want to see how pregnant i was last raya? These photos will showcase how BIG i was!

EId 2009 - VERY Pregnant Mummy at around 8 months pregnancy playing with firecrackers

Yup, still wanted to light the firecrackers...but then had trouble getting up!

Eid 2010 - 11 Months old Baby PP playing firecrackers with Mummy. much more subdue Mummylicious

Eid 2009 - There was only me for Daddylicious to give duit raya to

Eid 2010 - Extra little hands who wanted her angpow!

Ps: Eid 2011
There are no plans for 'Just 3 and half of us'. So stop asking :P

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