Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vintage Chanel handbags

I have a weakness for authentic vintage handbags. Not that i buy them, but i just love to look at them. Sigh, if i had a black coloured credit card, i would so borong *clear-out any vintage shops. But i dont, so i save up my money to get new handbags first before i go vintage. 

I know, i know, if i already love vintage...which MIGHT be cheaper than brand new, why do i still have to get brand new? This is because i want the basic classic pieces to have only 1 ME. Once i get those classic pieces i have been eyeing...then i shall look at the vintage for the same brand that might still cost an arm and a leg.

My logic may be weird but at the moment, that is how i am rolling.

Plus, it is really hard to find really nice vintage handbags here in Malaysia. But there is one shop that I window shop at all the time at the comfort of my own bed. 

I have been looking at this cute vintage Chanel with tassels. I forgot the price for it...but I have been checking the website just to look at it every week. each time saying..."if only i have not bought the 2.55 this year". is gone! SOMEONE HAVE BOUGHT THE CUTE TASSELLED VINTAGE CHANEL! that person, "good buy mate...very good buy."

So from now on, my new vintage handbag browsing include these...

Vintage Chanel Briefcase 
for RM 6700..(
I swear, if i was still working where i was working around the Golden Triangle..i would so buy this. Love! 

Vintage Chanel Dark Blue Lambskin Flapbag
for....drumrooolllll.....RM3500!!! not bad not bad..
What is stopping me? Will-power. ...
My weakening will power everytime i look at it, that is. and the scruffmarks on the edges are bothering me. So using my very weak i-shall-not-buy-any-more-handbags mantra. If it still available everytime i browse glampot...maybe i will drop by its shop to look at it, touch it...stroke it...before i decide. RM 3500 is not bad at all.

Btw...for those ladies that are looking for 2.55 at a slightly lower cost...or VERY lower cost (if you are lucky) Check often. Getting them here is better then not having them at all..and its WAYYYY better than getting Gred AAA Chanel. Trust me. Dont go there please.

Now...let me just stare at those pre-owned Birkins and Kellys that were mostly bought but never worn. (Stupid ladies)


::Ida:: said...

mana gambar u with ur new 2.55?? i wanna see!!! and i boleh crop ur photo pulak later and paste to mine :P

Mummylicious said...

its still en route! bersabar je la.