Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby is sick, possible roseola but so active

Baby PP is sick with rashes all over her back, chest and face. But just to prove that it is most probably not chicken pox or an allergy, and possibly harmless Roseola Infantum. Other than extra clinginess and fussiness, theres the usual activity she would show she is well and not..."listless" as some other sickness would make her be.

Baby PP in a 2-3 minute time lapse. Relax-roll-lie down-face down hand stretch forward-look at daddy-annoy daddy with laptop-put face in pillow-roll-pushpushpush-look really bored


::Ida:: said...

heyy... PP pon wearing CD? yeay for CD!!! :DD

Mummylicious said...

yup! she has been a CD baby since 1 day old :p

Harriz also CD baby? yaayyY!