Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mummylicious bringing baby to work

Yesterday, marked baby PP's first day of work! at 7 and half months of age, baby PP went to work. Unfortunately, she also slept on her first day of work. So her wages have to be cut. Poor little baby girl, less allowance for you. Hehe

 Baby PP's work bags and lunch bag and cowgiraffe and playmat.
And Mummylicious's handbag

It wasn't easy. From the packing. to the setting up. then maybe she was not used to the office, she cried whenever I left her at her "working" area. I had to pick her up and put her on my lap while she tried to eat my phone. But thank God for the naps. At least I got some work done. 

 "Hello! Welcome to my office!"

"I have to share it with my mummy though. Just wait until i can crawl!"

One of the most difficult thing most mothers nowadays must do is, to leave their little baby at home while they go to work. Some relishes their 9-5 "freedom" for babyland. I can relate to that. but at the end of the day, can you really stand to hear about how your baby say "Mama" from another person?Let another person raise their child? It is not an easy choice but it has to be made and in most cases, its not even a choice. So yes, I am lucky i have the choice of bringing my baby to work.

Is it easy? 

 "Let me calculate the cost to buy me a playpen and the cost benefit"
(Baby PP won't let me out of her sight, must carry her to see people)

"Hello? can we have a meeting please? Need to buy me playpen!"

from what i have read even from those that recommend it. No. it is hard. but consider this, is pregnancy an easy thing? is raising a child an easy thing? nothing is without a real effort. 

 In discussion with bigboss about baby PP's request for playpen

I foresee days where I will have to leave baby PP at home. I also foresee a struggle to pump enough milk to last a day. Even now, to pump any more than 3 oz of milk requires but if it is required for that day. I have to do it. Same principal applies to breastfeeding. I have the luxury to continue breastfeeding and working at the same time. If i must struggle to be with my child. I will. So it will be hard, what isn't?

It is worth it?

For a breastfeeding mother. Yes. 

"I'm going where?!"
 Just like any other commuters in the morning, grumpy.
Spending quality time with Mummylicious while commuting to work.

For anyone who travels to work in Malaysia where commune  alone could take 2 hours back and forth. Yes. 

I won't be spending quality time with her but at least I will be spending time with her and be with her. If I were to leave her at home, struggling with the breast pump at nights while I should be having quality will still be hard. So the benefits (for me), outweights the cons.

Maybe when i can afford it, i have a nanny for the office. That would be nice.

Would i recommend this to anyone? 

Yes, for a well behaved baby that can play with herself,naps frequently and for a veryvery small company that doesn't mind baby and noises associated with it. 

"let me tell you why you should get me a playpen. let me write it for you. cause you love me"

I recommend because really, I do not want to miss out on her first crawl. her first step. her first word. It is tiring but i have the choice of bringing my baby with me, and i did and i will continue to do so until she can formula fed and when my heart can let it happen.

Useful links from other mothers and thoughts about bringing-baby-to-work "Bringing in baby" <--how a small company grew into multimillion worth of company and still promotes bringing baby to work (and dogs...and a goat)


::Ida:: said...

ahhh i so envy u! are u working on your own? double envy! :P

miralatiff said...

Seronok baby PP accompany her mom to go to work!

Well, you are so lucky! Boleh bring along the baby with you..Like you said you won't miss any big step that baby PP will develop after..

Good Luck Mommylicious! Memang betul2 multitasking ni! Just remind me one episode in Desperate housewife where Lynette doesn't have choice thus she has to bring her baby to her first job interview..=)

Mummylicious said...

im working with my dad. hehe. plus point la.

mira, for me, i dont have a choice. to pump milk takes forever nowadays. but i need money. so terpaksa. nasib baik my dad ok. and thank you! i need the luck. letih wooo

alia said...

ah i see it's also cowgiraffe's first day at the office. ;)