Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to Daddylicious!

Last month was my first Mother's Day ever, but today it is Daddylicious turn as it is his first Father's Day ever! 
My husband, I am glad I married you. You have proven to be the father I always wished my children to have. A father that gave my little baby first bath, , feed her when she is hungry, bath her when she is dirty, change her diapers willingly and almost willingly during Poo-Poo situation when she needed it, soothe her when she cries, rock her to sleep when she is tired, take care of her when I couldn't and most of all, giving her your time and being there for her. 

Baby PP suprising Daddylicious with her card
"Here Daddy. Hope you like it....*looking worried Daddy won't*"

The Card: The inside pic that made Daddylicious cried. A photo of the first time he laid eyes on Baby PP and truly the first day of Daddy-hood. It says,

"To my daddy - Even though you bully me everyday,
I know you love me.
and I love you too, that’s why I like to poo-poo whenever you’re home so you make time to change my diaper instead of watching golf.

Mummy can read my mind, so she wrote this for me.
I typed “avcfdndfjkjs” but m=Mummy said Daddy won’t understand so she translated this to “adult language”.


Heart heart. Baby PP 8 Months and 8 days old."

And then she got bullied again by her Daddy.
"Daddddyy! I gave you a card! stop bullying me!! no, No, NOOO!!! waaah!!!"

To my own Papa, Happy Father's Day. Though I hardly express it, I love you Papa. You were not the modern age father Daddylicious is, but I know you tried to make time to there for us when we were younger even with your demanding job and provided the family whatever we needed and most of our wants. Love you.

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