Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mummylicious Baby Room Review: IKEA

Today, marked the first day I officially went back to work...so before I can go to work, I need furnitures for my office. Hence, a trip to IKEA some time back. This time, i was adamant to check out IKEA's nursing room. Regardless if baby PP needed to change or not :P

While we were there, I met my uni mate who was back from India to shop for her apartment in India. Yup, back in Malaysia for furnitures. Her mother was there too and she remarked 
"Oh what a cute boy!" 
"it's a she aunty" 
"why is she dressed in blue?"

why indeed. because her G-Na bought her the romper and its cute. It has bubble sleeves! that = baby girl. 

Whatever, she made a really cute baby boy.

I just want to show. My dream closet. Drool now drool

IKEA's baby room review

Location: There are 2 baby/nursing room near IKEA's cafeteria. Pretty easy to spot, just look for a door with a window you can't look into to see if there is anybody in. (yes, i walked in and saw a boy's thingy! gasp! he's 6 months)
 First Impression: So cute and adorable. It is one of the most colourful yet stylishly decorate baby room I have been in. Of course it is not suprising, they are in the business of decorating. But it sure it comfy to be in. (Star Hill Gallery, take note. Cheap but comfy). Mobile toys to keep baby occupied while changing. pillow on chair. Nice.

Toddler play area: I really thought it's very considerate of them to put in a small play area to occupy any other young siblings that might have to stay with the Mummylicious and Daddylicious while they are occupiying the room. Very thoughtful indeed. 
Usability: 3/5 No hot/cold water or feeding area. But they do have a sorted area for kids at the cafeteria! just not in the room per se.
Space: 4.5/5.sufficient for a stroller, a toddler and mummy and/or daddy. Just nice
Comfort: 5/5. Thumbs up for making me want to sleep in there.
Cleanliness: 4/5. Nothing major.


miralatiff said...

I haven't checked out the baby room in IKEA yet..wow..It's so cantik and stylish huh?

My favorite baby room so far, I can say dekat Sunway Pyramid..not inside Jusco but dekat luar..I guess maybe you already check it out,no?

Mummylicious said...

nice kan? i jengok je. tak guna pun. haha

ooh yes sunway nyer very nice. siap ada hot and cold water and play area for toddlers. but the nursing room is quite small. maybe the one i went in. no gambar and review coz no photos :P

you really should check out isetan's baby room. i have the review.