Thursday, June 03, 2010

Mummylicious introduces Yummylicious Baby

Every since I became pregnant and a mother, I have been online shopping like a storm. And i thought to myself, why not sell baby clothes too? I can get items for baby PP at a cheaper price. Therefore,

I would like to formally introduce a side project of mine, a baby shopblog!

Do browse along to and let me know what you think. 
I welcome feedback and if you are looking for a particular design, i can sort it out for you :)

Since I am particular about the designs of baby clothes, I get pretty selective of what to buy and the amount that I will buy. Maybe if you know any wholesalers or suppliers that have nice cute stuff at a decent price (so i can sell at a lower cost), let me know.
And I know, i will end up getting some of the stuff i am selling for baby PP but then again, why not eh? :)


miralatiff said...

What a cute online-shopping blog ever!!

hopefully there will be more cute clothes for toddler especially for boy in the future!

Mummylicious said...

coming right up! haha its hard to shop for boys eh Mira? I cari yang comel2 nak jual pun susah. Ni plak as a mom.

miralatiff said...

betul..boys punyer cloth design yg cute2 pon very limited..if ada pon is either expensive or takde size..

::Ida:: said...

wow a babyshop blog? nyummyyy!!!!! congrats mummylicious!!

Mummylicious said...

thank you ida. its still at its infancy (pardon my pun!). help me promote it! hehehe need all the help i can get.

PP doesnt help at all, all she does it try to eat the plastic bags and then get her aunty and g-na to buy items for her at cost price :(

rugi la mummy ni.