Monday, June 21, 2010

Mummylicious & Baby play with accessories 2

So Baby PP is sick with still undiagnosed rashes. Does it mean the end of getting bullied by her mean mean parents? Of course not! We are mean! Ok actually, its the Daddy that is mean. I just take photos.

First Daddylicious bullied Baby PP with the clinic's medicine plastic bag.
It was a hat that turned into one foot socks! She didn't even try to remove it.

Then Daddylicious's cap got onto her head.

Then it was Mummylicious's English paperboy hat replaced the cap because the cap was deemed not cute enough. Baby PP was not happy at the end.

And here is a couple of photos of Baby PP getting bullied by her Tok Mami and Aunty Wawa. (My MIL and SIL) times.


::Ida:: said...

hooomaigoooddd!!!! can i just pinch/gigit her cheeks???? ngaaammmmmmm!!!!!!!

Mummylicious said...

masuk queue please. hehe nature of BF baby. bolat