Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Baby loved bread, even hard crackers

Last 2 weeks when we stayed over at the in-laws, we had a family dinner at Jusco. and these photos are too adorable not to be put up!

First Baby PP had a look at cars. She was not impressed. Mummylicious and Daddylicious were but not baby PP. She had her standard look.

 My car model was not impressed by the cars she was selling
"Not impressed mummy. Mr Butterfly is better looking"

Happy on the baby high-chair. This was her 3rd time on a high chair and she was loving it with combination of seeing her reflection on the table.Maybe we ought to buy a highchair too? 

The cheeky grin has been going on for awhile. Why do babies do this? So adorable!

Laugh, laugh, smile, smile, grin!

And then she got hungry and gave her mummy this look.
"Feed me?"
And guess what Daddylicious gave her? BREAD! yay! Except it wasn't bread. It's keropok udang (hard prawn crackers). Did she liked it? Yes. She likes any crackers or bread offered to her. No matter how hard it is, she will love it and munch on it. 
"Nom nom nom"

My little P-P-dom


::Ida:: said...

hehehe.. PP snagatt comeyy omeeyy!!! i told u dah soh beli hi chair. them babies love it!!! :P i think because boleh goyang2 kaki kott :P

annezaqwan said...

kak dayang nak videos of pp happy2 on the hi chair? i have 3!

Mummylicious said...

anne: YES!!! how?
Ida: true!!! its the goyang2 kaki yg tak tahan tu. haha. yelah. i think a trip to IKEA is in order. hichairs lain2 brand like gila expensive. Why i dont know. its gonna be dirty anyway

anne said...

urm, email mcm susah. nt i'll upload in my youtube k.