Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mummylicious shopping fabric for Eid

I'm gonna lapse to my mother tongue for a moment because sometimes, only your 1st language can truly express the emotions I am going through.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Raya dah dekat! Puasa belum ganti!!! 30 hari!!! kenapa laaaa masa pregnant haritu tak posaaaa...aaaaaahhh..pastuh nak kena beli kain nak buat baju raya plak tu. ah takda baju takda baju. 

Ok. Venting done.

Basically for Muslims, every Ramadhan if you are a healthy capable person, you must fast for nearly 30 days. Since I was pregnant last year, I was given a "get out of jail" card. :P

Unfortunately, you have to pay back the days when you go on holiday from fasting. That means, I have to fast 30 days
I did fast for around 7 days. But then...i got tired , or so i shall remain saying. So not exactly 30 days lah I have to refund back but considering my lastlast year where I didn't replace my fasting. It adds up to 30 days anyway. Sigh. I've been bad.
In another note, Eid is coming, and I haven't bought any fabric to make my baju kurung raya. Daddylicious, gave me a limit! a LIMIT! of 3 fabric choices only. THREE! OMG! but hehe..I'm gonna get five. Five is not too much over the limit right?

Kawaii ribbons for Mummy and Baby!

Big Donuts for Mummy and Tiffany Blue Polka Dot for Baby

Most expensive, My Minds Eye's designer fabric for Mummy and Baby

Vintage strawberry for

Thinking about cherry to match for Baby PP. What you think?

 Thinking about these pink roses though. Hmmmm

My choices of fabric to match2 with the little baby PP. Yes, it's from my own shop. Why would i promote something I won't even get? Not my style at all.

 MIL bought grey lace and blue fabric from Indonesia to wear on first day of raya. Thought the dark grey stripe for Daddylicious would go well with it. And Baby PP will wear the same stripe as her baju kebaya kain and plain blue top. Pr maybe the turquoise stripes. Any suggestion? Nope, this is not over the limit, its not for me! muahaha

Sigh. Havent even paid my dues and already am thinking of celebrating Eid. Haih.


Bidadari said...

haha...some of the kain was my initial tot of choosing for my munchkin...LOL. :-P

anyway, nice choices. :-D

Yummylicious said...

blekk..zull only paying for 3 pairs. i dont think its fair at all. whatever, the last pair to wear on the first day of raya is not included in that 3.

I guess i have to get My Minds Eye by myself. Its too cute to resist!!!!!

miralatiff said...

Wahh..banyak nyer baju raya!! Hehe..

I pon baru lepas tempah baju raya last week..Surprisingly, banyak tailor dah refuse to ambik tempahan buat baju..I asked them people started tempah since when..then most of them said since April..I was like WHAT??? Ni baru June and Ramadhan is like 2 months more!!
Luckily last boutique I went nak amek tempahan..Pheww..

Neng Ayu said...

Baru sempat mampir nih!
Liat-liat dulu....
Situsnya bagus nih!
apalagi kalau disuguhi makan!
Kunjungan balik ya sob, ini blog saya
Salam kenal....