Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mummylicious went out for 2 movies in a week!

Oh! How grand it is now that Baby PP have a set sleeping hours and continue to sleep till the morning. It meant that Mummylicious now can relax (with phone at hand) at the movies. And we are taking full advantage of it! 

Movie No.1

On Tuesday Daddylicious, Mummylicious AND Aunty Alia (Our chaperone) went to watch Yummyyummy Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia. The princess, Gemma Arterton in it is H-O-T. 

Being a gamer and who have played Prince of Persia the game, I had high expectations. Honestly it was a decent adaptation of the game. Gyllenhaal acrobatic moves mimic the games so well that my thumbs were moving together in coordination. There's not much puzzle solving in it as the game, but that is expected I guess. It would be too long otherwise. Cramming 3 games sequels into one movie is a lot. But the movie storyline flowed well with the games' storylines, although not too direct to be a boring mess. It gave what gamers expected with excellent graphic and a storyline (and a hunk/babe) to hook the non-gamers too.


All single girls watched Sex and the City the series one time or another. Most have probably watched the first movie too. But as Carrie Bradshaw open her latest published book in Sex and the City 2 to the dedication page, the movie declared its targeted audience and who would most relate to this sequel's story line...

"To all the former single girls"

With an exception to Samantha's hilarious menopausal behaviour and Miranda's workplace sexism issue (but that has always been Miranda's plotline anyway), Carrie and Charlotte are more concerned with their marriage and children this time around. Are single  women (and men) expected to relate to menopause, marriage and kids? Nope, dont think so. So if single girls or ladies as i should say, watches this, it is more of a warning what to expect when you get older and married and have kids. That or just watch the movie for the fashion (disaster/trends) and SHOES. ah the shoes. What is SATC without shoes.
One of the ...whattt??? true to SATC form though : fashion to shock

Now go "aaahhhhhhhhhh"

But to all the former single girls, it is a movie to watch. 


We can relate better to Carrie's problems with the mundane activities of married couple. The excitement to get out from the house, to have dinner outside! to mingle with other human beings! Not to watch tv everyday. can relate to that. Yes yes, married life does include the occasional movie nights at home. But it should also include romance....and a jewellery or two on special occasions :P


However, the most I could relate to was with Charlotte and Miranda. The mothers. There was a scene where Miranda confronted Charlotte about her feelings towards her children and they said what most mothers would never confess

"I love my girls but...I am going crazy!"

The honesty of motherhood is not all pretty and pink and of cupcakes and fun. It can sucks at times and it is hard. They touched on the guilt of being a mother who still want to feel like a normal human being without responsibilities. The guilt of wanting to have..."Mummy time".

I truly feel like I want to slap the moms who says they NEVER have problems with their kids. They NEVER feel like they want to cry and run into the bathroom to have a bit of alone time. This Mummylicious says its crap. You are Charlotte before Miranda's inter"friend"tion. In denial over the need to escape. Even I who have help from maids to hold Baby PP when I need to take a bath and gather my sanity, sometimes feels suffocated. I too, love my daughter with all my heart but I want my time, i NEED my time and I too suffer the guilt of wanting my own time to be me. 

Why can't people admit that? 
Why is it wrong to admit that? 
Does it really makes me a bad mother to admit it?

As Miranda and Charlotte did in the movie, I raise my mocktail in salute to the mothers without helpers! and i salute SATC2 for growing up with their fans in the movie and addressing issues most just deny happening to themselves.
As for the reviews I read about the nonsense of UEA ladies wearing burqa's because of male oppression and "unrealistic" designer clothes hidden underneath, the critics seriously have to do more research with Arab / Muslim women. There is nothing oppressive about wearing a burqa/abaya and maybe they should get invited to an all women Arab gathering when the burqas, abayas and niqab comes off. MasyaAllah. There is a reason why designer shops welcome Arab tourist with open arms. I say SATC got that one right.


::Ida:: said...

ahhh.. i was in KL the other day for a meeting (meaning without my baby!) n was thinking of watching either of the movies but u know what, i choose to shop instead!!! LOL! :P

Mummylicious said...

ahahhaha shopping more important eh ?