Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mummylicious confinement activity No.1

During pregnancy, insomnia hits me like crazy. I couldn't fall asleep because I was never comfortable. and then came the confinement. Which can be very boring. Stuck in the house for 44 days. Feeding the baby, changing the baby., eat 3 times a day. That's all you have to do. Over and over again.

To get over the boredom, i watched a lot of US TV series streamings on my laptop. There is a tip for future mummies facing the dreaded confinement period. Do not watch some popular TV series for many many seasons because you can catch up on ALL the latest and not so latest shows during your confinement and maintain your sanity over the boredom. 

Usually I watched them while feeding Baby PP in the early months, because falling asleep in a second with her is never possible. By the time I fall asleep, she would wake up and the cycle continues. So to make myself not go crazy, i watched downloaded shows (and a lot of Facebook and Farmville!)

But now she is bigger. Viewing habits have to change.

One show that I love to watch but no longer can watch with Baby PP around since she is learning gazillion new things everyday. So I watch after she falls asleep. Her, and Daddylicious.

True Blood.

Season 3 has started! This is one TV series one should not watch with children around.

1. Lots of s-e-x
2. Lots of blood and gore.

If you want your kids to watch vampires. Let them watch Twilight. Twilight vampires twinkle in the sun, True Blood vampires have s-e-x, kill, kill, gore, gore and get naked a lot. 

Let me make this clear, I started watching this before it got popular and before Twihards was a word. I watched True Blood when I was pregnant and while Baby PP only cares about clean diaper, getting fed and sleep. Now, she wants to watch what is on my laptop. Very difficult la like this. Have to sneak watching TV series I like without her around. And she's only 8 months old!  

But here's another TV series to watch while  I feed Baby PP and totally safe to watch with her.

Drop Dead Diva 

Where a hilarious tv series reminiscent of those Ally McBeal days. Its about this blonde model who was about the get engaged to her lawyer boyfriend but suddenly died. However, at heaven's gate, she hit the return button and was transported back to earth. Except she returned into a different body that also died at the same time she did. A brunette, big sized, lawyer. 

Now in its second season! Yayyyy!!! blonde in a brunette head. perfect.
Totally guilty pleasure watch with no brain activity.


✿ n.i.e.y.x.z.h.a ✿ said...

btul2.. true blood tak sesuwai tuk children... season 3 dah start?!..kene tgk ni.. hehehe

tak penah tgk citer ni, Drop Dead Diva.. cm best jer ^o^

::Ida:: said...

i couldnt agree more on this.

i had like high stacked of dvds on my side table during my confinement and the best time to watch them are of course, while feeding our baby kan? heee... :D

seriously we could lost our insanity during the confinement period. i can't even step outside of the house!

44 days without malls and real people!!! can u imagine!!!!

Mummylicious said...

yalah. we needed our "hands free" entertainment. or anything that we can do with one hand! ie FARMVILLE. haha

of course i can imagine, i was there llooor :P
ada sumer comfort ni pun nak jadi gila. merajuk kat kawan sebab tak jumpa macam berbulan, sedangkan baru seminggu. haha.

mira: besst!! lawak la. toksah nak fikir gila2. True Blood started. baru masuk episode 2...its gonna be goorrryyy! FUN! muahaha