Thursday, June 10, 2010

Milestones of PP for the past 2 weeks, right before she hits her 8 months old birthday! in point forms and no photos cause I PROMISE! that will be tomorrow post. An edited post if you will.

1. Baby PP mastered her pincher grip. Mummylicious got pinch marks everywhere.

2. Baby PP ate nasi goreng cina, unblended. She loved it to bits. It was at a mamak while waiting for someone with office keys to come. and PP's lunch was still hot. Gave her a morsel or two of my fried rice, and then she asked for more! Seriously, vocally asked for more. Had to add some fried rice in her blended rice and vege puree i've pre-made. 

3. Baby PP know how to ask for more. Her words "Ah! AHHH!!!"

4. Baby PP know how to say hello to people in her life.  Her words "Uh!" (with a short tilt of her little chinchin when she sees someone passing by)

5. Baby PP clapped her hands!

6. Baby PP discovered how to cluck. Loudly. "Cluck cluck cluck" goes her tongue

7. Baby PP re-discovering the joy of spurttering her drool all over. She goes "PPfffhhtttttt!"

8. Baby PP copycatting people when they say "byebye", she would wave too!!! except most likely happen after the person have turn their back and walk away. Sigh...

9.  Baby PP knows how to kiss people. Ok this is not new but i just wanted to add it. It has been 2 months plus since she knows how to kiss. She gives you this wet sloppy kiss alllll over your face whenever you ask for "Kisskiss".

and last but not least.

10. Baby PP is earning her first paycheck! RM 1 per month!....but only 50cents if caught sleeping in the office, which is often. Sigh. 

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