Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mummylicious Baby Room Review: StarHill

Remember for my birthday we went to Star Hill Gallery? where all the designers boutiques are, where the prices for items averages to thousands per piece, where the rich and the famous shops to avoid the crowd and to immerse themselve in luxury?

This is the baby room. 

Doesn't baby PP looks impressed?
 It just screams luxury doesn't it?
Of course, I don't need a tap to wash my hands after a diaper change. A wash towel would be fine? What? No wash towel? But its Star Hill Gallery! the shopping place of the rich and famous! what? not even paper towels?! Oh...so just a hole in a wall with a changing table and a dustbin. ...oh yeah..there's a mop by the wall too. Gee thanx. I really feel like Cinderella now.

So there it is. A hole in a wall. Apparently, "rich people" don't have babies therefore, there's no need for a changing room. Much less nursing room.

But I, still hope, despite the huge surprise discovering this "hole", that there exist a luxurious nursing room somewhere in Star Hill Gallery that I was not directed to last night.

Star Hill Gallery

Usability: 1/5
Space: 1.5/5. There are no doors. Space is everywhere.
Comfort: 0/5. nor even a door. place to sit? to put diaper bag? NIL!
Cleanliness: 5/5.There's a mop to help you clean up after yourself.

Overall: Huh? seriously?


::Ida:: said...

seriously? just a whole?? where to nurse? tskk.. so unthoughtful.

Mummylicious said...

yes. and i had high expectations. so disappointing. Lets hope there's a secret nursing room i have yet to discover there.