Tuesday, May 04, 2010

When is Mother's Day anyway?

While reading the news, watching the telly, listening to conversations around you, having brunch at a restaurant or just chilling around surfing the web...i am constantly aware and being reminded of an extra special day coming around that for the first time in my life, i am not only to celebrate in honour of someone but also to be celebrated by! am i making sense?

In other words. 

Mother's Day ya'all, is coming and I am a mother therefore, celebrate ME ME ME!

Only problem is,  when is mother's day? Has it passed? i pondered this early morning. Have i missed my first official celebration as a mother? Did Daddylicious missed it too?!

So what does one do? Google lah! I typed "When is mother's day" and the all answering machine replied by giving me a gazillion answers. I chose Mother's Day Central because...well....it sounded very ...erm centralised? Anyway, i found out that Malaysia celebrate Mother's Day as well as most major countries on the second Sunday of May each year which for 2010... 9th May 2010!

I have not missed my first official celebration as a mother after all!

UK and Ireland celebrates..Mothering Day on the fourth Sunday in May which falls on 14th May this year. Why? Lent. Why not the rest of the world? Dunno. *actually the website have the history page of Mother's Day that answers this. But whatever it is, if i were to travel to London or Dublin after this weekend and on 14th May, i get to celebrate my special day TWICE! Why i want to do that? No.Idea.

Oh Daddylicious, can't you get a much bigger hint?  

As for my own mom aka G-Na. I think the cartoon caption really answer it all. 

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