Monday, May 10, 2010

Mummylicious 1st Mother's Day

Today, is the first time I celebrate Mother's Day with a whole new meaning. My little baby girl is 6 months and 28 days old and I am a mother. Sometimes it is still hard to wrap my mind around that fact.
I woke up with Daddylicious coming in the room with a tray. Mind the hair and face. I just woke up :P

"See I told Daddy to give you breakfast in bed"

"I also told Daddy to give me breakfast in bed. See, I got bread too"

"Lets have our breakfast together, Mummy! OOmm Nom Nom Nom"

"Daddy didn't serve napkins. Nvm, Ms Bunny's dress will do. Wiping my own face here"

"I gave Mummy a card! wrote it myself (with Daddy's help of course) and bite at the envelope too! 
"OMG! I made Mummy cry!"

"Mummy still crying. Nom Nom Nom"

"Haiyaaa, so tired. Hm pillow, I can lean my head while i chew and pick my leftover bread"

"Look Ma! I am doing hands free self-feeding!"

And that was baby PP's commentary on Mummylicious's first Mother's Day. 
Yes we both coincidentally wore white to bed. That was not arranged. If it was, my hair and face would looked more presentable for a photoshoot session :p

Then we went off to Bangsar Village for Mother's Day lunch with the mommies! We got a complimentary photo from Delicious and they gave us each a copy! Sayang Aiden was sleeping :(

 Three Mummylicious @ Delicious
Lizzieasamummy (minus sleeping Aiden), Hugzkisseseveryday and Ayesha, Mummylicious and PP.

I am waiting for more photos from Lizzieasamummy. There was Daddyliciousness photo that is definitely for the keeps in the album. 

So how was your mother's day? As simple as mine? Or a big event? However you spent it, I am sure you are with your loved ones, and nothing is more important than that.


::Ida:: said...

oloh cute nya PP mkn roti tu. oh dia dah boleh makan ke roti? hehehe.. Happy Mothers Day mummylicious!!!! :)

Mummylicious said...

Ida, yup. I promise the next post will be about self feeding training! but you should try it with Hariz. Just get wholemeal bread, get rid of the crusts (tak pun takpa) and put it in front of him. See what he does.
First time i just tore the bread in 2 WITH crust, and PP just grab and put in her mouth. Crust part, she spit it out. the rest, you can see she loveeeessss it. i have pictures somewhere of the first time....nak cari tu delay post ni...iskh

miralatiff said...

PP is so cute!!..When my son was 6 months I pon train die makan roti sendiri..sangat senang especially while travelling..sebab baby sangat suka nak pegang apa yang ibu dia makan..I prefer roti than stick cracker for baby sebab keras..

Liz said...

Yes, pictures coming. I actually am on medical leave with the intention to blog. Let's see how that plan goes!

Mummylicious said...

mira: best kan tengok dia makan sendiri? rasa sedap plak roti kosong. oh and i've tried giving baby PP hard bread/ bread crackers few days ago. Loves it. Its hard but thin so it dissolve in her mouth.

liz: im still wrapping my head around "medical leave with the intention to blog". hahaha can meeeh? if u dah move to spk, i would so visit you on your "leave"