Sunday, May 09, 2010

Baby made her hallmark trip to IKEA and the office

Yesterday marked PP's second day at the office with Mummylicious. Fortunately there are photos this time as Mummylicious takes measurement for office furnitures! Yippee. Her first trip to the office was on 29th March where office supply makes good rattle and toys. she was busy eating and throwing a securely fasten clear box of keychains. I was alone and then too busy to take photos :(

Of course, no shopping for office furniture is complete without a trip to IKEA for research purposes and thus, marks PP first time in IKEA! 

Well behaved little girl while Mummy was doing measurements.
Play time with Daddy
PP doesn't look sick but we noticed here she was coughing, had a slight fever and a runny nose. 
See previous post

This area is to be PP's office

PP first trip to IKEA!
Mummylicious doing serious thinking

Got bored from being in stroller. Time for leg exercises at the office tables area

Oh goody! First time on slide. 
No reaction. Typical PP.

After hours of looking at office furnitures with a well behaved little girl. PP got a reward!

Our only purchase
IKEA's baby spoons for RM9.90

No IKEA baby room's review :( It was too full. Dang it, never tried the baby room before!


::Ida:: said...

ehh? u pon went to IKEA? bile? i was there on Sunday afternoon. mmg ramai giler org. I got the chance to go to the baby room! hehehe.. i like it!! tapi takde sape nk snap photo for me. huhuu..

Mummylicious said...

i went on Sat.yeah, full! i am so jealous you managed to get in the baby room. Hehe your FIRST mother's day was spent at Ikea? haha okla at least came down to KL, no wonder senyap je.

::Ida:: said...

hahaha.. ya.. went to the mom & baby expo. again ramai giler manusia. huh. mother's day in ikea with the meatballs :P