Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mummylicious is high

Mummylicious is down with the flu! and is so higgghhh.

I think if I were to drink alchohol. I be very high and happy person.
I think if I were to do weeds. I be very high and happy person.

Its very obvious because I get high on just drinking Coke. ...and by taking Panadol. I definitely be a high and happy person. So no illegal substance needed! Yup, none. Just let me have Coke and Panadol and I'll be buzzing like a bee!

But today! I had Clarinase. On an empty stomach. I am definitely am a very high and happy person! and I will crash into a deep slumber in a few minutes. Oh bliss oh bliss.


1 comment:

miralatiff said...

Get well soon Mummylicious..
Clarinase + Good rest + PP kisses & hugs = Pink of health..