Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mummylicious birthday recap: Baby first words!

Baby PP started to coo when she was around 1 months plus. Like really..."cooooo" "coooo" or just "uuuuuu". Tres adorable! ...Can't find video of her cooing. maybe later

Then at around 3-4 months...the babbling begin. lots of "gagagagaga blabalablabla" and variations of more "ooooouuuuhHHHhh"s and "cooooOOoo"s.

The best birthday present? Was from my beloved baby, Princess Peanut started to say "Mama" over and over again. On. my. birthday! awwwwww

Video was after she shouted and screamed "MAMAMAMA" when i was away. this was after i came back and changing her diaper. ....and she's saying it much softer now. and with "Da" and "Pa" thrown in. Now she's really babbling. 

I know some people say that baby at this age are just babbling consonants and vowels because it sounds good to them.

Yeah BabyCenter said 
"The first "mama" or "dada" may slip out now and then. Though it's sure to melt your heart, your baby doesn't equate those words with you quite yet. That comes later, when he's almost a year old."
But how do you explain she started saying it when I went away from her?  I left her with her aunt and Baby PP started screaming saying "MA MA MA MA MA" and when i came back..she stopped. Happy i was back. (sidenote: Yes, Baby PP is quite attached to me and would cry out when I walk away from her)

I wanted to  test the theory and went from her sight again. and again she went "MA MA MA MA MA". When I went out with my friend for a birthday supper, baby PP would look around for me while saying "Mama mama mama" (according to my sis and mom). 

Maybe it really means me? Maybe thats the only thing she knows now? Maybe coincidentally, even though it's too early for her too "equate those words" with me yet, she somehow did? So based on when she said it, and how she said it. I concluded she said "Mama" in reference to me.

Plus baby PP does this more often now when I am around and she wants milk. IE: Me. the mother cow. So with the combination of her sign language for milk that she has been doing since 4 months old. I know for sure when she wants milk. 

So whatever. My baby PP just said Mama. and that means me. Best birthday present ever!

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